To train you need to eat! 

How do you want to enter physical activity when you just use a protein diet or a miracle diet again? When you eat a little, significantly reducing the caloricity and amount of carbohydrates you will simply lack strength! 

A balanced, varied diet is a necessary element, so you can start regular training sessions after which you do not crawl out of the room. Meanwhile, as a supplement to the miracle diet, you planned the gym 5 times a week. You endure the first two weeks. In the third week, you give up! It’s understandable – no car will drive without fuel right? Then why do you require this from yourself? 


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Look for child’s joy! 

What if you’re one of those people who just do not like to move? My dear reader, I will be honest with you – there are no such people! There are a lot of those who have not yet discovered what activity they enjoy. 

Training is not just a gym! With one of the patients I did some exercise during the visit. Within 5 minutes, we were tasked with writing out as many possible ways to move. We were able to note 48 different! Among them were activities for every season, every temperament and budget. 

Do the same, then try, search, check! Look how children are moving! The little ones do not care about failures, they just lose themselves in the joy of movement! Do not worry if you do not like yoga, judo, running or tennis. You should not have a remorse because of frequent change of mind. Nobody said you must be an excellent yogi or karate master. Have fun! 

Focus on how you feel! 

Slimming and burning calories can not be your only motivation to move. Instead of focusing on numbers, watch how you feel after training! 

Do you have more energy in the morning? 

Do you sleep better? 

Is it easier to deal with stress? 

Has your overall energy level increased? 

Make life easier! 

Are you busy? Like all of us! Therefore, to move regularly, you must make life easier. First of all remember that activity is not only an hour of training with a trainer. For your healthy counts even 10 minutes of fast walk. Avoid the trap that does not count! 

I can not go to intensive training, I will let go this walk because it does not count! 

10 minutes walking 7 days a week is 70 minutes a week and 5 hours a month! 

Try to move a minimum of 30 minutes each day! 

Do you know how I have a way to move? I spread out the exercise mat on the floor in the morning. My beautiful mat, with the pattern of rough waves, is waiting for me when I come back from work. She invites me from the entrance to stand on it!

If you want to move more often, make sure that you are comfortable. Get good quality training clothes, but first and foremost, buy the right sports bra. Training is to be enjoyed and not to make you feel uncomfortable! 


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