Increasing muscle mass is not an easy process at all. Despite the huge number of different specifics, promising to increase muscle mass even twice in 6 months, the fact remains – mass increase is a slow process. The most important thing to remember is that you can increase the mass even the one who has never stood out with good muscling. All you have to do is work hard and be patient. However, if you do not see results after 6 months, you should think about what we are doing wrong.

Focus on large amounts of food

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You probably know that nutrition plays a key role in bodybuilding, both during periods of both reduction and muscle mass building. To increase weight, eat, and the number of calories consumed should exceed our daily energy needs. Without a caloric surplus, muscle mass will not develop, because the body will process all the calories needed for energy to function and maintain the body at its current level. A correctly calculated excess allows you to increase your muscularity. And remember that they can not be empty calories, no fast food has yet built powerful muscles. The basis is, as during other periods, a balanced diet.

Plan your workouts carefully


The period of mass building does not consist in running to the gym every day and getting involved in various types of exercises. Trainings must be carefully planned and properly constructed. Remember that you should not train the same muscle groups every day. Muscles grow during rest, which must be long enough. Therefore, if we perform one day training, eg back, on the second day, training this muscle group will not cause additional stimulation to growth, on the contrary, it may inhibit this development.

Add basic exercises

If you want to build muscle mass, weight lifting is an important element. And basic exercises such as squats, squeezing, deadlift, increase overall muscle mass and strength. In addition, these exercises guarantee an increased anabolic response.

Change the number of repetitions in the exercises

If every time you do exercises with the same number of repetitions, you should think about changes. The muscles in our body consist of two types of fibers – fast-twitch and slow-twitch. The former are characterized by high ability to generate power, but low strength, the latter inversely, high strength, but low power. Taking into account the morphology of individual groups, we should adjust the ranges of repetitions that best affect a particular muscle part.

Change the load

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Muscles adapt to the requirements we impose on them, which is why longer work with a constant load may result in no effects. Introducing a greater weight will force them to adapt, which will result in the development of strength and muscle mass. Introducing deload – or deliberately reducing the load and training volume while building muscle mass – will allow for a more complete regeneration, which in turn will result in a higher energy level and more effective training.

Exercise in a standing position

Two-thirds of muscle fibers are responsible for motor coordination and maintaining balance. The others are responsible for the movement. Therefore, if we perform most of the exercises while standing, we engage significantly more muscle fibers, which increases the increase in muscle mass.

Pay attention to regeneration

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Muscles do not grow during training, but during rest, hence the increase in muscle mass occurs during regeneration. You should spend a lot of time to rest. First of all, you should focus on the right amount of sleep, about 8 hours.

In addition, it should be noted that our muscles have adequate time for regeneration, or do not exercise them too often. The perfect balance between exercise frequency, training volume and regeneration time is a very individual matter – finding a golden mean requires getting to know your own body.

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