This is, as the name suggests, a method that involves a light workout (inflating) of a given body part the day before its actual training. Such a tactic is used for the whole body for 4 weeks. On the eve of an example of leg training, several leg series are performed with less load and more reps, which is supposed to inflate the muscles and make them more susceptible to training stimuli the next day and they will be better off managing the supplements we use 


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This method is designed to move the muscle out of stasis, provoke it to continue to grow, increasing its size. It is, therefore, a method for people who complain about stagnation and lack of increments for a long time. Certainly, this method should not be used by beginners, because, after all, People who have been practicing for a long time certainly can not talk about any stagnation in the development of their figure, because such problems appear only after a long time of training 


Before the change of training this should be done about a week of regeneration This method is quite difficult due to the amount of exercise and the number of training days in the week, so it is worth adding these additional caloric losses in your diet, besides it would be worth using additional supplements eg creatine I would suggest also for the night ZMA to improve regeneration .. can be ZMA pharmacy (Zincas Forte + Filomag B6) about such things as vitamins and minerals unless I mention I do not have to because it’s rather the basis 




As I mentioned earlier, light training is only meant to prepare the muscle for the great effort that will be given to us the next day. Light training is the same exercise that we will do in training, but with less intensity – each exercise with 30 repetitions. ATTENTION .. We do not train to break the movement, we must have a few reps, so carefully choose the weight. When it comes to heavy training, as the name suggests training with a very high intensity, on heavy weights (here, remember a solid warm-up) This training is also based on superseries that are performed at the end of a heavy workout .. And a few words about the order Exercise training, If on a given day, let’s say Tuesday, we have to do a light back training and heavy cages, it’s always the heavy one we do in the first place, because we need the most strength for him. 

only then do we do light training 


I’ll stick 

Monday Cage (slightly) 

Tuesday Cage (heavy) Back (slightly) 

Wednesday Back (hard) Legs (slightly) 

Thursday Legs (heavy) Bars + Hood (slightly) 

Friday Bars + Hood (hard) Triceps + Biceps (slightly) 

Saturdays Triceps + Biceps (hard) 

Sunday is FREE 


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