At the same time, you can increase your body weight and reduce fat. I make a single part on the sculpture / reduce, the rest on mass 

In 99% of cases, young people, weighing 50-70 kg, want to train for sculpture, which for the next 2-3 years should be made with a constant mass – because they have absolutely nothing to sculpt. If you want to look like specimens from the men’s press covers … FIRST you gain muscle mass (FBW 3x STRENGTHENING WORKOUT per week, 75-85% CM load, DIET with positive caloric balance, a lot of rest), trying not to pour (do not gain too much fat – especially on the stomach), and only after gaining proper body weight (eg for 180 cm of height from 80-85 kg or more) direct your training to the muscle sculpture. 

The sculpture of muscles depends the most on: 

A) DIET (50%); large amounts (2-3 kg / kg) of good quality protein – beef, pork, fish, dairy products (you should absolutely exclude sausages, sausages etc. from the diet); carbohydrates – brown rice, wholemeal noodles (3-8 g / kg), fats olive oil, linseed oil, seeds, seeds, nuts (1-1.5 g / kg), etc. 

B) Additional activity, not necessarily related to 30% weights (long aerobic sessions – eg running, several times a week 30-40 minutes or at least 20 minutes after the gym, additional interval training eg HIIT, barbell complexes, CROSSFIT TRAINING). 

C) Strength training (20%) – and the range of repetitions can be 5-8, 8-10 – and not necessarily over 12 reps. The best effects will give you FBW (full body workout) training in one session. -85% CM), 



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Too many repetitions makes you begin to shape endurance, not mass or strength. You lead to a drop in strength, operate with smaller weights, it gives less impulse for muscles (hormonal and nervous system stimulation), you have less effects. In the seventh myth you have carefully described the mechanisms and dependencies between% CM and micro-muscle damage => training effect. Too much weight and a small number of repetitions will not give the expected results (neither in terms of mass or sculpture), unfortunately too small weight and too many repetitions. Unfortunately – weights in the 50-70% CM range mainly cause tissue growth through sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (read MIT FOUR!). 

To sum up, you want to build an impressive figure, practice hard (FBW PLAN – covering whole body training in one session!), And first arrange your diet (eg VITALMAX meal diary). Eating high processed foods, sweets, sandwiches and fast food – you’ll always have a flooded, bad figure. 

Lips 5-8 of the RAMPA series, 75-85% CM, 5-10 reps. 

PUMP PERFORMANCE 4-6 series, 75-85% CM, 5-10 reps. 

ROWING SHOES 4-6 series, 75-85%, CM 5-10 repetition 

LINKING SHOULDER WITH SHANGHAI 4-5 series, 75-85% CM, 8-12 reps. 



PUSH PRESS 4-6 series RAMPA, 75-85% CM, 3-6 reps. 

DEAD TREATMENT 5-7 RAMPA series, 75-85% CM, 3-8 area 

FITTING WITH NARROW GRIP 4-6 RAMPA series, 75-85% CM, 5-10 reps. 

POISING ON THE BAR 3-6 series, 75-90% CM, 3-10 reps. 

STRAIGHTENING the arms on the extractor 3-4 series, 75-85% CM, 5-12 reps. 

If you prefer a more holistic solution (eg you have more time for training) then you can apply 


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As you can see in turn, we train the whole body (mostly in the course of thrusters – the booster works the front of the thigh + barge, but at the same time we also engage the back, abdomen, to some extent the back of the thigh), then we perform the pull-up on the stick – exercise on the muscles of the back (mainly the widest ridge), then we train the chest muscles with emphasis on its lower part – simultaneously engaging back muscles during rowing, deadlift on straight legs (we exercise mainly the back of the thigh), further attack on triceps and biceps. We finish the workout with calves. 


It can also increase body weight and reduce fat 

It is impossible, unfortunately. You get rid of fat while on a negative calorie balance. Reduction, sculpture depends the most on daily meals or diet. Your basic caloric demand, metabolism, age,% muscle tissue, physical activity make up the basic metabolism. By subtracting, for example, 300 kcal of daily demand (you need 4,000, you deliver 3700 kcal per day) you are on a negative balance – then you can reduce weight, get rid of fat. By entering a positive balance – eg adding 300 kcal (you need 4000, you deliver 4300 kcal) – you increase your weight. These are conflicting directions and can not be reconciled. If you do not have a diet – you will not achieve anything when it comes to building mass or reducing body fat / sculpture. 

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