Myth the seventeenth Aerobic machines in gyms (treadmills, steppers, bikes) are the best way to burn fat! 


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Unfortunately not. 80% of the fat reduction effect consists of the right DIET, not training! Worse, it turned out that aerobic training is not so effective (because the body quickly adapts to aerobes and cease to be a tool to reduce body fat). And the completely negligible effects will give you training on steppers, treadmills and stationary bikes. Why? Because you spend too little energy in this way, you do not have enough heart rate. If you are able to work effectively (in the right heart rate range) on the machines – this is an option. Why do not people run around in the field instead? Because they are too lazy. 


What’s worse, the research shows that exercising in an atmosphere contaminated by electricity (on electronic machines) can contribute to the development of diabetes! After such training, insulin resistance increases! Bad. Scientific (Havas, 2008).

The best fat reduction effects will give (if we have a diet) 

1. Strength training (FBW, 75-85% CM, 3-5 series per muscle batch, 3x a week) 

2. Interval training combined with aerobic (high intensity 85-90% HR interwoven with low 65-75%). In the best form, there are barbell complexes and other crossfit trainings (http // / showthread.php? T = 3568) 

3. Aerobic training (to a limited extent) eg running in the field (intensity 60-75% HR). 

Running is also not ideal – it hardens the joints, can make it difficult to strength training (muscle strain and worse – changing their performance characteristics, eg from fast to slow-shrink – READ THE DWORST MIT). Paradoxically – from the research of 13,000 runners it appears that each year they got fatter – even those who overcame more than 68 km per week! Bad. Scientific Williams and Woods (2006) 


And here are two important notes, because INTERVALS is a tool for ADVANCED 

– Unfortunately, in order to perform intervals, we must already have a solid condition – that is, good performance with long-term efforts (eg we are able to run 40 minutes at a rate of 12-13 km / h in terrain). Attention: bikes, steppers, treadmills and other equipment from the fitness gym do not have a great impact on the condition and performance of the player. The sooner you start running in the field, the better you will be. 


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– Due to the extreme load on the body, we NEVER MAKE ANY WAY! At least 2-3 meals are recommended, before. In addition, BCAA should be used before and after similar training. 

But I do not get tired at intervals ?! 

It means that you make mistakes, for example, too short and / or slow you are doing. In order for the interval training to be effective, you need to get an anaerobic threshold (lactate threshold, it is located in different ceilings, e.g. 85-90% HR – that is the maximum heart rate – unfortunately, as you’ll learn further, it’s an individual matter). I am familiar with the case of an individual who performed intervals accelerating to … 12 km / h. Perhaps for him the lactate threshold was located at this level. Unfortunately, for every man, he performs at different speed, intensity of effort and power. For example, the average healthy person exceeds the lactate threshold already at the intensity of 30-50% VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake), trained marathoner only at a ceiling of 90% VO2 max! Similarly, young, healthy people can reach the lactic threshold already at a speed of 9-12 km / h, while runners on medium distances 14-17 km / h, and marathon runners and runners at long distances only at speeds of 16-20 km / h! J. GórskiPhysiological basis of physical effort The effort in which you achieve 100% VO2 max can be continued only a few minutes. The larger the muscle parts you use, the higher the body’s load, the VO2 max and the faster you reach the lactate threshold. Thus, these stationary bikes are a much worse solution (in terms of effects) than running in the field. 

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