Nowadays, many people expect a convenient and quick way to quickly lose pounds. One of them are monodiets, which consist in arranging a menu based on just one macronutrient. Thanks to this, you can consume your favorite product in unlimited quantities. What about reason? Placing a balanced diet requires more knowledge and some information that will help me change my eating habits, which takes more time. Below we present the negative effects of using monodiet.



As the name suggests, a monodieta is a diet based on one ingredient. In other words, it is a monotonous way of eating. During its duration, until a satisfactory effect is obtained, only one type of products is excluded, excluding the rest. This disturbing trend has been going on for some time and also takes on very extreme forms, where a person slimming them, eg only bananas or apples for up to three weeks, which seems shocking and controversial despite good results

As it is not difficult to guess, this is not the wisest solution, the more so that regular exercise and the amount of nutrients is an absolute necessity when running a slimming diet, so that it becomes a way to develop healthy eating habits, not a temporary weight reduction ending with the effect of jo. Seemingly innocent monodietas can do much more harm than good.


Monodiet and nutrient deficiencies

First of all, it should be taken into account that there is no single product that can provide a full range of macro- and micronutrients, as well as vitamins and minerals, so it is impossible to use only one ingredient to ensure that the human body functions properly. For example, when eating only bananas, we will certainly provide enough glucose, which is a source of energy for organs such as the brain, but it will be at the expense of muscles, which in this situation insufficient amount of proteins to build muscle fibers and regeneration.

On the example of a banana monodiete, one can also present a problem that we encounter then. Bananas have a small amount of calcium and vitamin B12, vitamin C. Therefore, eating only these fruits exposes us to nutrient deficiencies. The consequence may be abnormal bone formation and their fragility, and in the elderly osteoporosis. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia, and the lack of sufficient vitamin C may affect the condition of the skin and decrease blood clotting, but also can affect the amount of collagen that is a building component of tendons and ligaments, which can be more frequent injuries and delayed regeneration .


Monodiet and excess nutrients

Monodiettes are associated not only with deficiencies, but also with an excess of nutrients that are found in large quantities in specific products. In the case of bananas, it is, among others, potassium and some vitamins. It should be remembered that an excess of vitamins can also be harmful. Then hypervitaminosis occurs, which may have the opposite effect than with the correct amount of a given component in the body. In addition, as it matures, the banana contains more and more simple sugars, which in the slimming diet will be an undesirable feature. Not only will it make it difficult to drop kilograms, but its excess will be deposited in the form of adipose tissue. What’s more, it can cause tooth decay, and people with a tendency to type 2 diabetes can cause the disease entity to develop.

As a rule, the creators of such diets recommend their use only for a week / month, but the effects of deficiency, e.g. of iron or protein, can be extensive in a short period of time.


Monodiet and well-being

Monodiets are very impractical. They have an impact on social relations and well-being, because they require many sacrifices in a situation where one wants to lead a normal lifestyle and function among friends. It has been assumed that eating together is social and helps in socializing. Few restaurants offer meals based on only one food product. We are thus exposed to exclusion and discomfort.

In addition, due to the monotony of meals such a diet quickly becomes boring, which leads to the fact that we begin to feel the need to eat something else. It is a natural mechanism of the organism, which in this way demands the delivery of other ingredients.

The question is, is it worth sacrificing your health and relationships with loved ones to achieve the intended goal, and then return to the starting point?

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