The beginning of the new year is the time when people make different resolutions.Many of them are related to nutrition.As with other New Year’s resolutions, not everyone manages to succeed.If for several years at the beginning of the new year you make the same promises, it’s time to think about what is the cause of failure and how to increase the chance of success.

Weight reduction

The most popular of the dietary provisions concerns weight reduction.Some say they will get rid of 5 kg in the next year, but there are also those who plan to eliminate much more overweight.The more excessive kilos, the more important it is to quickly take effective action, due to your own health.There are many reasons why people give up weight loss, but usually this can be associated with the lack of proper preparation.A poor diet can make you feel hungry or weak.It is also possible that despite the passage of time and conscientiously adhering to the rules of the diet, the weight will remain the same.Contrary to appearances, preparing a good weight loss plan does not require expensive cooperation with a dietitian and trainer.Therefore, you should not make a decision about switching to a diet spontaneously.Failure to implement weight reduction plans may also be related to the lack of good motivation.It is worth doing a list of reasons why you would like to get rid of the overweight and positive changes that would have occurred if this goal was achieved.

Less sweets

Limiting sweets is another of the frequent points on the list of New Year’s resolutions.The desire to eliminate sweets from its menu is sometimes related to the desire to maintain a slim figure, but it can also result from concern for your health or for economic reasons.Why is it impossible to implement this plan, not counting the pleasant taste of sweets?One of the reasons is the rush and willingness to implement the order right away.If someone has eaten a few sweets, a chocolate bar and a half chocolate bar every day, then limiting yourself to one chocolate bar a day or one chocolate bar a week is very difficult.You have a much better chance of success if you limit the amount of sweets eaten gradually.Also think about replacing them with light snacks.In case of getting used to reaching an hour after chocolate, it is worth preparing, for example, a tray with sliced ​​or diced fruit.Try to eat once the chocolates and once a piece of the fruit, and then increase the proportion in favor of the latter, until you consume the amount of sweetness you think is right.


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No more fast food

Getting rid of sweets is as difficult as giving up fast food.In this situation, the New Year’s resolution may also have various causes.In order to be able to realize them, it is worth considering the reason why you are willingly visiting bars serving fast, but unhealthy meals.Some people choose fast food because of taste preferences.If you are one of them, then let yourself try as many different dishes as possible.Perhaps you will find dishes among them that will turn out to be better or at least as good as French fries, kebabs or hamburgers.There are also many people who care primarily to eat quickly and close to the workplace or university.Then the best solution is to carefully read the gastronomic offer in your city.You should check where in the immediate area you can eat healthy and quickly.It is also worth thinking about catering.You can order delivery of meals at a specific time straight to your home or work.Of course, you can also prepare something yourself.Another reason for not complying with this provision may be a poor environmental impact.If you are used to eating in the company of friends, and they are fans of fast food, then there are two options to try to persuade them to eat healthy food or look for new food companions.

More fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are valuable sources of vitamins and minerals, which is why they are an important element of a healthy diet.Many people declare that they will start consuming more, but the consequences of the order are not always satisfying.It may be related to limiting yourself to a few fruits and vegetables, which makes the diet seem monotonous.It is worth going to a large vegetable store or look around the appropriate department of the supermarket and look for what you have never tried before.The second reason is the lack of ability to use fruits and vegetables.While the first can be eaten without any processing, many people can not imagine crunching raw broccoli, cauliflower or parsley.So how to use them?There are many ways, but the easiest and fastest is to prepare a cocktail.All you need to do is stock up on a bell blender, for example.Some vegetables are hard, so it is better to choose a device with more power.There are many recipes for cocktails on the Internet, but you can also try your own connections.


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