One must realize that by cultivating all kinds of physical activity we create an increased demand for macro and micro nutrients. The demand of a physically active person for nutrients is higher than that of a sedentary and less active lifestyle.

Accelerated by regular physical activity and proper nutrition, metabolism guarantees more effective use of nutrients that we eat. It should be remembered that the basis of all activities is the right, well-balanced diet. It must be tailored to our individual predispositions, current state of health, level of physical activity and the main purpose of the intentions.

Regardless of the goal we want to achieve and the wealth of our portfolio, one and the same basic rule applies. If we do not meet the basic condition, which is the use of an appropriate, balanced diet, we can also give money to nutrients and supplements to the poor.

It sounds quite radical, but these are the realities. 90% of health problems, as well as the weaknesses of our appearance come from the wrong way of eating. So the first basic step should be the introduction of the right diet (diet), the second the physical activity. It is only the third purchase of “support”, which are supplements and nutrients.

In times when we have less and less time to train and maintain a proper diet, supplements and nutrients are very helpful. As the name suggests, supplements (nutrients) are nothing more than a supplement to the diet.

Nutrients and supplements – advantages

simple, not requiring “kitchen” facilities, preparation for consumption. When you are in a place where you can not prepare or buy a ready-made meal, you reach for a shaker and a bottle of water. These appliances that fit virtually in any bag are enough to prepare your conditioners. Supplementation of the main nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates is practiced very often this way.
variety of proportions and composition, and thus the functionality and the possibility of practical use in any type of diet. Regardless of whether you build muscle mass, reduce body fat or work on general condition, if you choose the right conditioners for their composition, your dietary supplementation must be effective.
the attractiveness of flavors for even the most delicate palate. Due to the fact that the market for supplements is currently strongly expanded, manufacturers are outdoing themselves in displaying new products, improving the composition and autrakcyjnijÄ… range of flavored products. Nutrients and supplements can be bought today in practically every basic taste, from chocolate, vanilla, tasteless to the most fruitful flavors. It is logical that the nutrients we taste will be more readily accepted by us. They will not “reject” us.

Nutrients and supplements – principles of selection to individual needs

define the main goal of the training and diet that you use,
calculate exactly your demand for nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats and calories),
think about which meals during the day cause you the biggest “organizational” problems, i.e. they fall out most often due to lack of time to prepare them or be able to eat them,
once you know the weak points of your day, plan your nutrient consumption for those moments. Of course, act, however, maintaining common sense and the principle that nutrients and supplements are only a supplement to the diet, not its basis,
determine which macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) the most difficult to provide you in the right amounts in the daily diet,
think about how much you can spend on nutrients and supplements
then purchase supplements, making sure beforehand if the nutrients you buy will contain the ingredients that your diet is the poorest, and supplementing with these products will make sense.

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