The amount of fat that we can have without harm to health depends on the type of figure, ie the amount of muscle and the way fat is distributed. It is assumed that the correct amount of fat in an athletic woman is about 24-21%, the figure sculpted (visible muscles on the stomach and / or on the legs, cancer) is obtained at about 16-20%. Not every woman will be able to go down to this level of BF. Women with less than 18% fat may be at risk of hormonal problems. Each one looks different at the same, total, amount of fat, because everyone differently spreads this fat, which is why “the fight with one fold on the stomach may end with the disappearance of the period, because to lose it we need to leave the BF level we allow. Such BF is not only unhealthy but also difficult to maintain, fat returns easily, unfortunately, often resulting in this, hormonal problems become difficult to regulate again. Before you start to lose weight, the state in front of the mirror and assess your real body shape. Most of us do not need to drop “5kg to look good, add enough traffic and improve our standard diet, so that the appearance of our body improved. Remember the diet is for the whole life if we are not able to limit significantly sweets, processed products, eat healthy and regularly do some physical activity, our diet will only bring more harm than good. The more we lose weight the more likely we are to overcome a considerable overweight in a few years. 


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1. I want to lose weight quickly what should I do? 

To lose weight, a caloric deficit is needed. That means you have to burn more calories than you take. 

There are two ways to create a deficit 

a) reducing the amount of calories consumed; 

b) increasing the amount of calories burned through physical exercise. 

The combination of these two methods works best. The best method for effective weight loss is to keep as much calories as possible and use exercises as fat burning. Paradoxically, most people do exactly the opposite by introducing their body into a state of energy saving. 

You can not lose weight quickly, you can quickly lose weight, but it will not mean you lose weight, man is able to burn only a certain amount of his own fat as a source of energy and this amount on average is 1kg per week For thicker people more for the leaner less. Therefore, statistically speaking, you need to prepare for a 12-week weight loss cycle, and with greater overweight after a break to repeat it. 

Fat loss = diet + strength exercises + aerobic / anaerobic exercises 

2. I am very overweight and decided to take it for myself. I plan to lose 30kg in 6 months, why do you write it is impossible since I read -1kg per month is the correct number. And I know a girl who lost so much and has no yo-yo effect. 

On the Internet you can meet a lot of people who managed to lose 100kg from day to day and keep it going for the next years, in fact it is much harder to meet them, although of course, such cases happen. However, approaching the reduction with the assumption that after years of gluttony we will be able to lose overweight months of sacrifice with a few months and count that we will find ourselves in this group of 10% “lucky people; is very optimistic. 

Yes of course, it is assumed that you can get rid of 1kg of fat per week (in extremely obese this number is even higher), but this amount is a very optimistic estimate and in fact apart from a short initial time, we will enjoy when we see “as much as -0.5kg per weight per week. 

Such assumptions also quickly lead to discouragement, because the weight loss is not linear, we will be a little thin, we stay a little in place, and sometimes even “get stiff. Such weight jumps result in slimming down calories which in a short time will lead them with calorific value below their BMR (basic demand), most often, they end up with the lack of nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the hormonal balance and health in general. 

Regardless of whether we are among the aforementioned 10% and so everything speaks for slow weight loss and health aspects, let’s confuse that toxins accumulate in fat that release into the bloodstream will poison our body and rapid weight fluctuations heavily burden the heart’s circulatory system and not without significance, there is also the appearance of the skin after a quick weight – give her time to pull off, and the muscles to increase our figure at the end does not resemble a stick with dangling skin, but she had appetizing shapes. 

It’s best not to set a weight loss timeline just to accept that we need to change our eating style and lifestyle, and our appearance will be a consequence. Time goes by quickly for two years to be permanently slim than during this time to do a few yo-yo cycles and keep up with the same weight. 

Below the photos of a friend from the Training Journals – Martucca, getting rid of 30 kg of overweight cost her 1.5 years of diet and strength training. But thanks to her, her body is in a better shape than ever before, there is no chance of building it in half a year. 

3. I exercise, I have a diet and instead of losing weight I got fat 

You exercising bad and / or you have a bad diet. I can still give a lecture about the meaningfulness of weighing as a determinant of progress, but I will leave it for later, because if our goal is to lose weight, with the correct diet, regardless of the possible “muscle growth, fat should be burned more, so that weight ( this can temporarily stay in place) and the circuits decrease. However, if the weight jumps become worrying, go to the doctor to perform the appropriate tests. 

4. Yesterday I weighed 60kg and today 61kg. Why? 

Daily weighing does not make sense, the weight fluctuations in the average person can reach even more than 2kg. They depend on the amount of food consumed, fluids, defecation, and the tendency for water to retain in the body. In the morning we weigh less, in the evening more. In women, there are still changes in weight in the monthly cycle. The best indicators of progress in weight loss are body circuit measurements (performed at most once a week) and a mirror. 

5. I lost 10kg in a month, but I still have a roll on my stomach, fat on my thighs. 

You should never confuse a drop in weight with a decrease in the amount of fat in the body. Studies show that when diets with very low calories, muscle loss can reach up to 40% of weight loss, if the diet is low in carbohydrate, then there is a decrease in the amount of water and glycogen, which can in extreme cases mean that even 75% of weight loss it was not fat. So you weigh less, but you have little less fat than at the beginning. 

6. I have a diet of 800, 1000, 1200 kcal I exercise every day for two hours and I do not lose weight.

Our body has been shaped over periods of hunger and hard work, and not the amount of food we have access to and relaxing legs. Therefore, it created a mass of defense and adaptation systems. According to some studies, we are able to reduce our metabolism by up to 45% compared to the “real one” and continue to function quite well. The combination of aerobic exercise and low-calorie diet is probably the worst in this topic. 

In a word, a hypothetical girl with a height of 170cm exercising 3x a week after an hour and leading a medium-active lifestyle should burn about 1800kcal per day but “thanks to a drastic trimming of calories can continue all these activities consuming 1000kcal. 

7. I am generally slim, but only those legs (hands, bums, stomach, calves) are fat, I do not want to lose weight more, do you have any way to get rid of fat from these places?

No, we do not know any magic methods to get rid of fat from one place. The amount of fat, is not evenly distributed and lose weight from the whole body, but the most of the places that are predisposed, places that are “our ills are precisely about those resistant and getting rid of fat requires a lot of degreasing; patience and sacrifice a lot of time. And in this case, the effects will not be as we imagine. Practiced, especially frequent exercise of muscles under the unwanted layer of fat, eg abdomen, to get rid of fat from them is worn off time and performed excessively can lead, even to the trouble as in this case with a cross or neck pain. Never isolated work of small muscles will significantly increase the consumption of calories. 



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