Nutrition experts are alerting diet-miracle do not exist! And yet we still hope that we may be able to reduce excess kilograms with the help of a new dietary supplement or other specifics. Why is it impossible and how should we wisely, safely and effectively lose weight, specialist in the rapeseed oil program. 

Overweight and obesity are already present in more than half of Polish society, and exactly in 64 percent. men and 49 percent Nearly 1/4 of Poles suffer from obesity. Time to lose weight, or – as defined by the process of obesolo- gists (specialists in the treatment of obesity) – reduce body mass. Not for your own wedding or family celebration. Not for a bathing suit and to show yourself on the beach. Not for tu i now but forever. How to achieve it? 


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The quick need to lose weight causes that we reach for quick methods, and thus drastic, monotonous diets or the purchase of another miracle tablet that will burn kilos for us. The consequence of such actions is the yo-yo effect and the slower metabolism. Very often people who lose weight in such an expressive way will be more difficult to lose weight healthily in the future. Slimming is a change in eating habits, changing our own attitude towards positive, and not participating in a race where results matter. It is easy to be discouraged when racing. Slimming people often complain about a decrease in motivation and discouragement. 

Yes, but on condition that we do not go to a dietician just to lose weight. The nutritionist will help us change our diet thinking. We go to the diet counseling to work out a diet that will be a pleasure, not an obligation, and which will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Slimming with a specialist is a change forever, not for a moment – without yo-yo, without harm to health, slowly but reasonably. 

The dietitian, despite the huge interest in a healthy lifestyle, for many people is associated with diet-related sacrifices, high cost, no time to cook. Patients prefer to take shortcuts and, for example, take advantage of the diet of a friend, a diet promoted by a celebrity, buy a ready-made diet on the Internet or tablets from advertising. 

There are fasting and limiting calories all the time, i.e. fashionable diets of 1000 kcal, high protein diets, vegetable and fruit purifying, which are not confirmed in scientific research. The popularity of box-based foods is also growing, which worries me a lot, because many of them are focused on profit, not on the health of the customer. Specialists are warning, and we will continue to over-weight, I will lose weight. Diet miracle is the worst possible choice. I do not recommend them primarily because they are not adapted to our individual needs of age, weight, height, physical activity or lack thereof, chronic diseases, possible food allergies. The apparent loss of kilos on such a diet is mainly the loss of water and muscle tissue. Diet-miracle are also poorly balanced in terms of macronutrients content of carbohydrates, protein, fat and vitamins, minerals, and this can already cause health problems to burden the kidneys, liver, induce fainting, hormonal disorders. 

It is difficult to give one universal advice, because slimming is an individual approach, and each of us is different. However, there are a few golden rules that you always have to stick to, wanting to lose weight 

It’s not true. It is a myth that a diet without fat gives better results in slimming. Fats, especially vegetable ones, are a source of fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, E and K. For example, rapeseed oil contains ALA and LA acids, which are essential for the proper development and functioning of the body and help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Without them, the body is not functioning properly. They are an important source of energy. 

First of all, vegetable. Reach for rapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, of course in small, reasonable quantities. Slimming should choose fat, which will have the least amount of saturated fatty acids, because in every diet, including the daily one, we should avoid and not exceed 10 percent. 

In this respect, the underestimated rapeseed oil, which has the least amount of them, deserves attention. Rapeseed oil is characterized by a good composition of fatty acids and an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, amounting to 21, which positively affects the functioning of the body. 

If someone wants to lose weight effectively, he should think about his diet, listen to the needs of his body and act reasonably. Reason first and foremost! 


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