Over the last thirty years, there has been an almost two-fold increase in the number of obese Europeans.Although this problem affects all countries, there are some differences between the percentage of obese people in particular countries.These discrepancies result from the eating habits and lifestyle that the inhabitants of European countries have.

Czech Republic and traditional cuisine

The country that has the highest percentage of obese citizens is the Czech Republic, in which this problem affects over 28% of the population over 20 years of age.In the Czech Republic, obese women prevail, but they are more willing to reduce weight.Although overweight is usually blamed for fast food, responsibility in the Czech Republic is on traditional cuisine.The Czech dinner consists of fatty meat in a sauce and dumplings, and the obligatory addition to it is a dessert that contains a lot of sugar and butter.What’s more, Czechs eat a lot of snacks such as fried cheese, French fries or fried onion rings.All this is often drunk with beer.Meanwhile, gyms, fitness clubs and other sports facilities barely gain customers interested in activity and work on their own figure, and the favorite way of spending holidays is lounging on the beach.In this situation, it is not surprising that the number of obese people is constantly increasing in the Czech Republic.Czechs are trying to fight overweight in different ways, but not all methods are worth following.You can legallybuy slimming pills, whose sale has been banned in most European countries.They contain substances that show anorexic or nervous system effects in a similar way to amphetamine.Unfortunately, many Europeans import slimming pills from the Czech Republic, which are not available in their countries, for example Adipex Retard.The side effects of this product may include cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric disorders and life-threatening increases in pulmonary pressure.


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Great Britain and fast food

The second place in the ranking is taken by the United Kingdom, where the percentage of obese people is almost 25%.In this case the problem results from consuming large amounts of junk food.The British are happy to eat fast foods, often reach for frozen food and ready-made dishes from super markets, and rarely try to diversify their diet.Many residents of this country believe the producers of ready-made food, who in the ads convince that their meals are not harmful to health.Just like in the Czech Republic, the physical activity of the British is not without significance.British specialists are constantly looking for new methods to fight overweight and obesity.Recently, Dr. Mosley’s Diet 52 diet has gained popularity, which consists of eating unlimitedly for five days and limiting herself to 500 (women) or 600 (men) of calories a day for the rest of the week.Such a way of eating has both its supporters and opponents, according to which it is not good for health.


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Switzerland – a country with the lowest percentage of obese citizens

The country that can boast the lowest percentage of obese citizens is Switzerland.This does not mean, however, that there are no bars offering quick meals in this country.In every Swiss city you can find not only the popular McDonald’s or KFC’s, but also premises that serve quick snacks originating from different parts of the world.The difference is that the Swiss use the offer of bars in moderation, as well as the specialties of their cuisine, in which there is no shortage of fatty products, especially yellow cheese.It is important that in Switzerland there is a strong emphasis on physical activity, so the lifestyle of the inhabitants of this country is conducive to maintaining a slim figure.It is also worth mentioning the dish that occupies an important place in the dietary menu of the Swiss.This muesli, which includes oats, fruits and nuts.Such a dish gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety and improves digestion.

The situation in Poland

In Poland, the percentage of obese people is around 23.2%, so it is slightly higher than the average for Europe.The causes of obesity in our country are complex.On the one hand, there are many fattening dishes in traditional Polish cuisine, on the other hand, fast food is becoming more and more popular.Many Poles are not physically active.Although a significant number of people struggling with the problem of overweight try to fight with excessive kilos, but not everyone is successful.Among the slimming people, people aged from 35 to 44 years prevail.In the case of young people, between 18 and 24 years of age, the problem is that a large part of them choose very strict diets.Poles are not willing to use dietary advice.Only one in ten people are interested in slimming to specialists.

Obesity is the cause of many health problems, so you should fight it regardless of whether it affects a larger or smaller part of society.The causes of overweight and obesity are different, as are the methods of weight loss.It is worth knowing all the factors that influence weight gain and various weight reduction methods to know how to avoid weight gain and what weight loss methods to use to achieve the desired effect without harming your health.


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