Thick children often have fat parents.

Or those who constantly struggle with overweight and use different diets. Have they inherited a tendency to gain weight? Probably not, they just love sweets and do not like gymnastics, and their diet leaves much to be desired. 

Feeding instinct is both a beautiful and terrible habit – says Professor Tomasz Romer, an endocrinologist at the Children’s Health Center in Warsaw. Mothers, grandmothers will take their food from their mouths, just to feed the child. If they are hungry themselves, it is a thrilling gesture. But if by force they push the food into a child who is full, because they think it is necessary, then such care is exaggerated. 


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In feeding, as in all things, moderation is needed. The professor reminds that most often we eat about 30 percent. more than it can use (burn) our body. 

And this is happening just because our lives are becoming more and more comfortable, in many activities we are replaced by devices and machines and we do not have to spend as much energy as several decades ago. Our appearance depends on your lifestyle. Infants are a great example of this. 

Usually chubby, because they do not move much, only when they start to crawl – in the ninth, tenth month of life – slowly lose fat rolls. Two-, three-year-olds become slim, because in this age it is difficult to sit still. Only some, mostly overfed by parents, grow overweight. 

Statistics are alarming – 1/3 of infants and young children have abnormal body mass and this percentage does not fall, 30 percent.

First-graders are overweight or obese, among teenagers it is about 20 percent. 

Doctors warn that it is better to prevent obesity than to fight it. – The body defends itself by dropping every kilogram – explains prof. Romer. So let’s avoid unnecessary kilograms when we’re slim! If we have overlooked the matter and now we need to slim down, let us remember that it is not a miracle diet. – It is to receive the same food as before, only less caloric, and therefore primarily containing less fat and sweetness – says prof. Romer. – It will be thinner after a few months. He can not lose weight rapidly because he is growing fast. Adults need to ensure that their offspring stays at the same level for some time – adds the endocrinologist. It is also important that slimming does not cause additional stress – Children should still associate food with pleasure, not with sacrifices – advises prof. Romer. 

It is worth remembering that we are an example for our children.

When they look at us in the couch in front of the TV or eagerly sit down to over-abundant meals, they will not believe that the best way to spend time is to move. So if we want to change the habits related to the lifestyle of our child, it is not enough to take care of its food. It should provide him with a lot of traffic, and from an early age. And here again, we need moderation to choose sports that do not burden the body, but support natural development. 

– We should listen to what the children say. If they say they are full, let’s believe them. There is no reason to doubt it. Unless they are clearly sick. If they ensure that skiing is not a pleasure for them, let us not explain that it is an increasingly popular sport and should be able to stay on boards just like playing tennis. Why? Because we have such dreams? Or maybe children prefer ping-pong? 

– Professor also warns against spurts once in the direction of the diet, and at other times in the direction of sporting lifestyle. Do not underestimate the obesity of children, but let’s not make the biggest problem out of it. Sometimes parents first overfed the branches, and then exaggerate their overweight, as if the number of kilograms testifies to the child’s value. A healthy child, in accordance with the principles of dietetics, develops properly both in terms of physical and mental (intellectually, emotionally). He emanates the joy of life, he is mobile, happy, smiling, interesting surroundings, absorbing new knowledge. 


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