It stands out from all oils with a characteristic dark green color and a specific nutty-fruity taste and aroma. 

It is the most affordable and easily available source of zinc, which most people have too little (zinc deficiency causes, among others, prostate related problems). It also contains phytosterols. Therefore, pumpkin seed oil is recommended for prophylaxis and as an adjuvant in the treatment of the initial stage of prostate hyperplasia, bladder and urinary tract diseases. Significant amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids also help regulate cholesterol levels and prevent atherosclerosis. 


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Grape seed oil of all known fats contains the most linoleic acid. However, lowering the level of “bad cholesterol and replenishing” of good and protecting against heart disease – these are not the only positive effects of this natural medicine. Grape seed oil is also (and maybe even above all) an extremely rich source of vitamin E. This ingredient of rejuvenating creams, or popular vitamin capsules, advertised as a condition for maintaining youth and beautiful skin appearance, is one of the strongest antioxidants. 




Easy dosage, absorption and swallowing !!! 

Evening primrose oil is a natural, dietary and biologically active source of essential fatty acids. The preparation is used as an adjuvant in prophylaxis and treatment 


– increased cholesterol 


– skin diseases (acne, psoriasis, scleroderma 

-A allergic-allergy (atopic eczema), 

inflammatory and degenerative (arthritis, hive 


-the nervous system 




This oil has a very beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails. It contains a large amount of fatty acids from the omega-3 family, which are the basis for normal cholesterol metabolism in the body, while their deficiencies exacerbate heart disease and circulation. The latest results show that lignans present in linseed oil consistently counteract atherosclerosis and hypertensive disease, as well as alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Its protective properties of the gastrointestinal mucosa support the treatment of peptic ulcer disease. 




Systematic use of this oil in the kitchen significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Phytosterol decks bring results in the fight against cancer with the ability to reduce cancer metastases by almost 50. It is excellent in slimming diet because it maintains the feeling of satiety and reduces appetite for longer. Peanut oil also protects cells against allergens. 




Perfectly counteracts cardiovascular disease, especially atherosclerosis, reduces the risk of myocardial disease. Like most cold pressed oils, it effectively reduces cholesterol levels in the body, exacerbating the excretion of bad cholesterol. It regulates the metabolism. Studies have shown that it alleviates the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis. It contains a very large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid and linoleic acid. 



This oil is readily used by world-renowned chefs, because it is characterized by intense flavor and pleasant aroma. The compounds contained in sesame oil help to lower blood pressure and reduce the dose of drugs that have been taken to high blood pressure. Studies have shown that making up on average 35 grams a day of sesame oil for 60 days brings a drop in hypertension. Sesame seed oil also has a large amount of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant and vitamin K that acts anti-haemorrhaging and participates in the formation of bone tissue. 




The advantages of pumpkin seed oil should be appreciated by gentlemen. The large amount of phytosterols and zinc contained in it plays a fundamental role in the prevention and treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, otherwise called prostate, and supports the treatment of urinary tract. High content of vitamin E causes the release of aging processes and supports the treatment of rheumatism. Vitamins C, A, D and B vitamins are regulated by the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. 




It has a comparable and delicate nut flavor. Especially known in French cuisine. Recommended for making exquisite salads, toasting and grilled dishes. It strongly reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood and its harmful effect on the human body. It contains a record amount of vitamin E, an excellent measure in weight loss that reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 


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