I have met the research, according to which in children eating for 3 years, 3 times a week the fish increased the level of IQ, from what I remember probably about the value of 11 points. 

As it has been proven, the cerebral cortex is mainly built of one of the o3 – DHA acids. A similar chemical structure has trans fat to it. The worst is that the body does not recognize these two acids, and when DHA is lacking, trans fats are used to build nerve cells. 

Another important fact is that people who commit suicides or too much fears or depression notice a markedly lower level of nerve cells in the hippocampus. In addition, the limbic system is damaged by high levels of cortisol, and therefore stress. As confirmed in many studies, omega3 lowers susceptibility to stress, and as you can see in the article that I paste below reduces the aggressiveness / frustration of the individual, so we are able to control the influence of the body of the amygdala limbic system on our conventional thinking – cortex (connection amygdala- the cerebral cortex is stronger than the cortex-amygdala, which is why, for example, when you are angry you see the world in bad colors) 


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Our diet has more in common with us than we think. My better half often laughs at me that I would buy everything on the label that has “Omega 3” written on it. Indeed, I have already bought exotic juice with this acid. In addition, I often take it in the form of tablets. Laughs with laughter, but why am I crazy about omega? Because it serves well the two most important human organs. In addition, it turns out that crime can also be cured. Polyunsaturated ω-3 fatty acids, simply called omega-3 have a beneficial effect on the body. His influence on the heart was well summarized by the late Professor. Zbigniew Religa with the words “Fish fat is the best prevention of heart disease. They reduce blood clotting while lowering hypertension, lowering triacylglycerol levels in blood, protecting against heart attack and sudden cardiac death. The main source of this indispensable component of the diet are cold sea fish – mainly mackerel and salmon. Today, however, we do not have to walk with a fishing rod and look for the most valuable, wild fish – in each pharmacy their essence can be obtained in tablets or liquid. But heart healing and main sources are not what I would like to focus on today. 

The old saying that we are what we eat is what works in new circumstances. Children in this case are what their mother ate during pregnancy. A diet rich in red meat and poor in vegetables and, importantly, fish, used in the case of women in a state of blessing, makes children born have a higher risk of neurological and psychological diseases. These studies conducted by the Child & Family Research Institute in Vancouver clearly indicate that developing a fast-food chain will not work out for good. The combination of what we eat with our state of the brain, however, is fortunately noticed by more and more people – hence, for example, the action “Change the diet, change the mind run by the Sustein organization in Great Britain. On the islands with the rest very interesting research on omega 3 and prisoners is conducted. 

Professor Bernard Gesch chose a prison in Aylesbury as a target. 231 prisoners divided into two groups. All subjects were more varied meals, but one group was additionally given as a placebo supplement and the other group was unsaturated fatty acids. The prison guards recorded a 37% decline in aggressive behavior in the fish group. “The placebo team kept pummeling the best. The results are also confirmed by the very ending of the experiment – returning to the old diet resulted in a quick return to inclusion of the strength argument in everyday conversations. 

“Bad diet causes bad behavior, and good is prevented – these words of prison inspector David Ramsbotham perfectly reflect the sense of prisoners’ research already on government order in the National Institution of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the USA. For three weeks, a group of 80 subjects took 2 grams of omega-3 acid. Results? “I do not recognize myself,” said one of the volunteers, who became famous because he once threw himself at his wife with a knife only because she turned off his TV set. Another gentleman, seasoned in bar fights, proudly declared that he had never had such a long abstinence from aggression since the age of 5 – 3 months. But mackerel and salmon not only help aggression. 

Deficiency of omega-3 acids is associated with low serotonin levels in the brain. I have written about it a few times, in short it is a really nice neurotransmitter. His deficits are also found in people with suicidal tendencies. Hence the idea of ​​treating fish fat depression. Because patients will certainly come 

The number of suicides is increasing from year to year. And this is not just a matter of the current crisis, but a state that has been going on for several years. Annually, around 1 million people commit suicide around the world (there are many more suicide attempts). It is estimated that by 2020, the suicide rate will amount to 1.5 million a year. The increase in the number of suicides is associated with an increasing wave of depression and an increase in the incidence of reactive depression. 



Japan, where 65 kg of eaten fish per one inhabitant per year suffer from depression one in a hundred people. In Western European countries, five times less fish are eaten and ten times more are affected by extreme mood depression. These deviations may be attempted to shed cultural differences on the hump, but they will not explain the results of prof. Malcolm Peeta, who cured three-quarters of a 70-person group of patients suffering from pharmacologically incurable depression due to an omega-3 diet rich in three. But Poles are not geese – prof. Janusz Rybakowski (name is a case?;)) In the Department of Adult Psychiatry, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, for nearly two years now, in the treatment of severe cases of depression, capsules with fish ragweed are used. However, a long-lasting therapy is needed here, because the body needs a lot of time to supplement the deficiencies of the omega 3. Prof. Basanta Puri, a neuropsychiatrist at Imperial College London, has already chosen a more difficult research goal – people suffering from Huntington’s disease, manifested by nervous system degeneration. Half a year of therapy with omega 3 acids resulted in a visible increase in gray and white brain matter in functional magnetic resonance images. According to prof. Puri is proof of the influence of these acids on the formation, development and regeneration of nerve cells. Hence, the often-occurring research results reveal a correlation between the consumption of omega 3 and intelligence. 

Myelin sheaths that protect and isolate axons are largely made of fats. The lower quality unsaturated acids, e.g. omega-6, appear to be more rigid – and this feature is built-in together with the casing in the brain. In this way, nerve impulses move more slowly slipping between neurons, because neurotransmitters are harder to attach to the surface of the neighbors. Such an explanation is given in his book “Overcoming anxiety, stress and depression. Without drugs and psychoanalysis, author David Servan-Schreiber. 

Recently, a debate over fish eating took place on the radio three. It was said that they are grown in terrible conditions, that they collect chemicals from water, can be poisoned with heavy metals, have parasites especially in the case of cheap fish – for example, panga, which supposedly has close to sewerage conditions. Many of these reports are simply rumors. The only big problem may be the low content of omega-3 in such food. By likening fish to fast food, we can increase its consumption in Poland from pitiful 12 kg / year per capita, however, we will not be able to experience their health properties fully. That’s why we all go to sushi today! 


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