People who have to dump a dozen or even several dozen kilos are envious of those who have less excessive body fat.It would seem that compared to a large overweight, 5 kg is not much, and getting rid of them should not be a problem.In fact, it looks a bit different.

Fast weight loss?

One of the mistakes made by people trying to dump about 5 kg is the assumption that this goal will be achieved in a very short time.Some want to lose weight in a month.Usually such provisions are made before important events, during which everyone would like to look good.Many people try to get rid of overweight, for example before going on vacation or before New Year’s Eve.Unfortunately, a month is not enough to drop 5 kg.You need to consider phases and the correct weight loss rate.The restrictive diets to which the fasting name fits better will not help here.They have dangerous side effects and high risk of yo-yo effect.It’s pointless to get rid of 5 kg quickly, if soon the weight will go up again.For fasting, it often leads to slow weight loss.In this situation, it is worth considering what is the cause of the problem.


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The diet is not enough

Some assume that in the case of a small overweight one can cope without physical activity.They do not realize that giving up the movement makes it very difficult to lose weight.Regardless of the number of excess kilograms, effective weight reduction requires the combination of the right diet and sport.An important role is also played by properly selected supplementation.Preparations that support fat burning or improve metabolism are intended for everyone who cares for a slim figure, not just for those who are overweight.

First, health

There are diets that allow you to get very good results, but they can not be used by everyone.No matter how many kilos you want to dump, you need to make sure you can afford to choose a particular weight loss method.It does not matter that if you want to get rid of 5 kg, you will lose less weight than 15 or 20 kg.Health contraindications should be treated as absolute.

Getting out of the diet

Regardless of how much weight loss is, getting out of the diet is an important part of the weight loss process.If immediately after what weight will indicate 5 kg less, it will return to the normal way of eating, this overweight will quickly return.Changes in the menu must be made gradually.It is recommended to increase the caloric content of the menu by no more than 100-150 kcal per week.


Slimming is always associated with sacrifices and should be well planned.It also always requires time, and attempts to speed it up by fasting can bring bad results.On the other hand, thinking about the fact that you have to shed up to 5 kg does not improve your well-being, and thus does not help in achieving your goal.Therefore, it is better to focus on the good planning of all stages of the diet, not on whether you have to burn a lot or little fat.


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