Eating us is not only on holidays. Along the way there are still all birthdays, holiday trips, meetings with friends … Sometimes we indulge ourselves enough that it is difficult for us to get up from the couch. We feel sluggish and the stomach refuses to be obedient. 

Although here the principle of prevention is better than cure, it is worth remembering that even with overeating can be dealt with by natural methods. First of all, you need to improve the digestive system to start digesting what you have already brought to the stomach. 


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Overeating – start with traffic 

The worst thing you can do when overeating is sitting. Of course, physical activity with a full belly is not the best idea, because it may end up in the best case with nausea, and at worst – vomiting. But already getting out of the couch, a quiet walk or even moving around the house or garden is the most desirable. When we walk, the digestive system stimulates slightly and thanks to that we facilitate its digestion. Even if you have guests, do not stay at home. You can propose a walk together – 30 minutes away from the table will do well for everyone. 

Have a supply of herbs and spices in the cabinet 

Herbs and spices are a real help when you need to help your stomach and liver work. Warm water with the addition of ginger or caraway can bring relief to your body. When overeating, it is worth reaching for mint, chamomile, fennel and marjoram. 

Chamomile has a relaxant effect on the smooth muscle of the intestines, making it easier to move the digestive content. Additionally, it has a soothing effect, especially after eating a fatty meal. 

Mint very goodly relieves stomach discomfort and is additionally recommended for excessive gas production. It is worth mixing herbs, for example brewing mint and chamomile together to achieve better results. 

Fennel greatly relieves bloating and stomach problems. Due to its gentle action it is recommended to give it to infants with colic. 

Marjoram. For faster digestion also works well brewed marjoram, which somewhat reduces bloating and gases accompanying overeating. Just pour boiling water and leave it for fifteen minutes to make it burn well, and then you can drink it. 

Drink a lot of water 

Water is an absolute basis for overfeeding. Perhaps when you are full you do not feel like reaching for water. In such a situation, you can sip on warm, boiled water with lemon with fine sips. Such water speeds up the detoxification process, lowers appetite and makes us feel lighter. In addition, drinking water speeds up metabolism and metabolism, so you can get rid of the food in your digestive tract faster. Just remember to drink water throughout the day, especially when you have eaten a lot of fiber-rich foods. Without water, you can very easily bring the body to constipation. 

Other ways to overeat 

A glass of red wine or a glass of vodka (bittersweet vodka or, for example, vodka with pepper) Alcohol is always harmful in excess, so if overeating, do not use this method too often. A small portion of alcohol (a glass of red wine or a glass of vodka) improves circulation in the intestines, which facilitates digestion, while the alcohol increases the indigestion. 

Linseed. Put a spoonful of linseed oil into a glass or cup and pour over with hot water and leave it covered for a quarter of an hour. Kleist works very well on the stomach, stimulates metabolism and eliminates heartburn. Use gruel an hour after getting up from the table. 

Apple vinegar. Of course, not only apple cider, but in the form of a mixture with water. Sprinkle one tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of warm water and add a little honey to your taste. We drink half an hour after finishing the meal. Thanks to the content of minerals and pectins, the mixture has a positive effect on digestion, accelerating and stimulating the secretion of gastric juice and bile. 


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