Despite numerous actions aimed at promoting healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle, the number of people struggling with the problem of overweight and obesity is constantly increasing.It is not uncommon that it applies to all family members.Contrary to appearances, the genes are not here.

Causes of family overweight

Admittedly, scientists believe that there are genes that increase the risk of overweight, but specialists agree that the weight depends primarily on lifestyle.The overweight of the whole family usually has to do with passing down bad eating habits from generation to generation and teaching children a less active lifestyle.People who have been accustomed to eating fatty foods and lots of sweets all their lives and considered sport unnecessary, duplicate their parents’ mistakes and pass on harmful habits to their children.The dishes prepared in such a house are not conducive to maintaining health and proper weight.In this situation, genes have little meaning.




Overweight and obesity in children

The number of children who are overweight and obese is increasing.This problem is often ignored because some people seem to grow out of weight.If his parents are also obese, then thefamily does not see anything wrong withitat all.There are people, especially among the elderly, who think that a fat child looks nice and healthy, while a skinny toddler is malnourished or ill.

It should be remembered that the calculation of the correct weight of the child will not help BMI calculator, which is intended for adults only.For the youngest, a special conversion rate or percentile grid is used.If the result indicates that the child weighs too much, then a proper diet is necessary.Here, too, one can not forget about the differences resulting from age. Reductive diets proposed for adults are not appropriate for children, and their use in a few or a dozen or so years could lead to stunted growth and other developmental difficulties and health complications.

Family therapy

If all family members are overweight or obese, convincing them to go on a diet can be difficult.First, you should make the household members aware of the health effects of excess body fat.This is also not a simple task, because the negative consequences of overweight are not always felt right away.It happens that people weigh too much, but they declare that they feel good, so they see no reason to change their lives.Unfortunately, the occurrence of health problems is only a matter of time.

In the course of working with a family in which there is the problem of overweight and obesity, the conviction of the household members that healthy eating does not have to involve a monotonous diet and unpalatable dishes plays an important role.This perception of a healthy diet is often one of the causes of too high body weight. Changes should be introduced gradually, so that people who have decided to change their eating habits, after a few days have not been discouraged by the new way of eating.

As you know, physical activity is an essential element of weight loss.It should be ensured that the family not used to the movement is convinced that you can enjoy taking part in sports.The combination of activity and fun can help, especially if there are young children in the family. A family ball game, a bike trip or a visit to the pool is a great way to spend time together, which helps build good relationships between family members.

To sum up, the cause of overweight and obesity in the whole family is passed on from bad generation eating habits and discouraging children to an active lifestyle. Too much weight is always a threat to health, regardless of age. Cooperation with family in which such a problem occurs is not straightforward. Emphasis must be placed on the negative consequences of overweight and obesity, as well as on proving to all family members that a healthy diet can be tasty and an active leisure pleasant.


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