Among the food products, which often give up people seeking to reduce their weight, there is pasta.Eliminating it from the menu is related to the belief that carbohydrates are responsible for the increase in weight.Many specialists draw attention to the negative consequences of giving up one of the macronutrients, recommending caution in the use of low-carb and low-fat diets.Pasta does not belong to products that should be included on the black list during weight loss, but it is worth knowing what kind of pasta is the best and how to prepare it properly.

Effects on the level of sugar in the blood

One of the reasons for the abandonment of pasta is the fact that eating it leads to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood, and as a result to a rapid return of appetite.However, a lot depends on how the pasta was cooked.Absorption of starch is the fastest for overcooked pasta, while the form of semi-hard (al dente).At the same time, sauces thickened with flour should be avoided so as not to increase the starch contained in the meal.


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Type of flour

On the shelves there are pasta made from wheat flour.Producers use ordinary or durum flour.The latter is better both in terms of diet and nutrition.Pasta made from wholemeal durum flour contains 323 kcal and 7 g fiber, whereas from plain flour 368 kcal and only 2.4 g fiber.At the same time, durum flour has a lower glycemic index and is richer in B vitamins, copper, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese.Pasta can also be made from buckwheat, corn, rye or oat flour.Buckwheat and corn noodles are especially recommended for people who can not tolerate gluten.

Soy and rice noodles

Soy and rice noodles are getting more and more popular.The first one, despite its name, is made of mung bean starch or potatoes.It contains a lot of protein and potassium.It has fewer fewer calories than plain wheat pasta, but has one important advantage – a low glycemic index, thanks to which the feeling of satiety after its consumption is higher.For those who do not like to spend time in the kitchen, it may also be important that soy noodles do not require cooking.The same advantage has rice noodles, which is another product recommended during weight loss.

In conclusion, during the reduction diet, it is worth avoiding pasta from regular wheat flour and long-term cooking.A better offer are pasta from other types of flour, boiled on semi-hard, as well as those that do not require cooking, i.e. soy and rice noodles.There is no reason to completely give up eating pasta that provides valuable nutrients and allows you to prepare many tasty dishes.


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