Barley groats are characterized by a gray color with a shade from green to yellowish.It is a kind of groats made of barley.In Poland, 70 percent, the production of groats, is a product of barley groats, and its types, ie pearl barley, barley pearl groats, and barley groats.

For the production of groats, the best-used is multi-row barley grain, otherwise known as glassy barley.It is easier to process, and does not crumble, and the groats obtained from it remain free-flowing after cooking.The groats of this grain also contain more proteins.

Standards allowing the grain of barley groats to be eaten

The binding quality standards allow for the sale of barley grain, which is light gray, with a greenish or alternatively yellowish shade, with a specific aroma and taste.


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Types of barley groats

pearl barley

It is a whole, polished grain of barley.In the processing of groats, it is treated as an intermediate product and as a cereal processing.Hence, its low consumption.Pear barley is made from pearl barley, and barley groats are broken.

Properly prepared pearl barley grain, can be used by anglers, with bait.

Pearl barley groats

Pearl barley, is considered the best product that arises from barley grains, and is enjoying the highest demand and consumption.It is obtained by cutting the bunch into large particles, and then what has been obtained, is coated and polished.Ready barley porridge, should have round, particles, polished surface.

In Poland, we know three types of pearl barley

Broken barley groats

It is also obtained by cutting pearl barley, for finer elements.In Poland, broken barley porridge is made in four types


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Properties of barley porridge

Barley groats have a lot of fiber, so it has a beneficial effect in the case of constipation.However, thick porridge species are hard to digest and can be irritating to the intestinal mucosa, thereby interfering with the absorption of proteins.Therefore, it is not advisable to eat barley groats for people who have cancer, have extensive burns, and suffer from peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, or reflux oesophageal reflux, or gastric hyperacidity.

Barley groats also have an effect, slightly cooling the body, it has a refreshing effect on the body, removing high temperature from the body and a fever caused by the high temperature of the summer.It also has a diuretic effect.It can be used in hay fever and fever.Barley groats, is a good source of vitamin PP, effectively reducing cholesterol in the blood.At the same time, it expands our blood vessels and improves the appearance of the skin.

The method of making barley groats

In order to make the most of the properties of barley porridge, it should be rinsed well and then boiled in the right proportion of porridge into the water, for example

The method of serving barley groats depends on the tastes of consumers.It can be an addition to meat, sauces and also served sweet to soups and salads.


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