Weight is a factor that affects our health, well-being and appearance.It’s good to know that everyone should look different, and two kilos of overweight is not as bad as it may seem.It’s time to find out what weight is perfect for you and when you should start worrying overweight.

The weight is ideal for women

Before you start to worry that you are overweight because your friend weighs two kilograms less than you, check what your BMI is.This is the only correct indicator of the correct weight, and its use is very simple.Nowadays, everyone can calculate their BMI index by themselves. Calculators are available on the internet, and the calculation of the indicated weight for our growth may take us no more than three minutes.In women and men, BMI counts exactly the same.It is an action made to the ratio of body weight, given in kilograms to the height, which is expressed in meters.The determinant of the appropriate weight for growth should be between 18.5 and 20. When the index is below 18.5, you can talk about underweight. When the indicator shows above 20 it may indicate overweight.

How often do you control your weight?

Weight monitoring is very important because overweight or underweight is extremely dangerous to your health.However, you must remember that you do not have to put on weight every day or after every meal.It is not necessary because weight control will become an obsession for us and every day we will count every calorie we eat.It is worth to weigh yourself once a week, preferably at the beginning or end of the week.Thanks to this, we will see if our weight changes quickly or if it varies by a few kilograms. Small weight fluctuations are not disturbing, and in women they are much more common than in men.It is also worth remembering that at the end of the cycle the woman begins to increase body mass, because it often happens that excess water accumulates in the body just before menstruation. When the bleeding occurs, the weight will begin to return to normal.


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When is the best weight?

Many people make a mistake while weighing and get on weight in the evening. This is a big mistake, because the stomach and digestive system have not digested all the meals that were consumed during the day. Therefore, the weight will not indicate our actual body weight.It is best to weigh in the morning when the digestive system is almost empty.Then the weight will indicate the correct mass of our body.


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