Slimming is a process that can be divided into several phases. Some researchers compare slimming to the process of recovering from an addiction. Slimming is also a process of learning different health habits that contribute to a better – healthier – lifestyle. Psychologists DiClemente and Prochaska created a model in which they distinguish six stages of each change. Follow these stages carefully and devoted to them 6 principles regarding weight loss.

1.Pre-contemplative phase – I do not even think about the change yet

Motivation must result from your conscious decision – you will not start losing weight until you realize that you need it.

Be honest with yourself – you will not resurrect motivation if you cheat yourself. Until you admit to yourself that you need to lose weight, forget about motivating yourself.

2. Phase of reflection – I am wondering whether to take action

Motivation has different shades – see them all! Make a list of factors that speak for you to start slimming. Think about why this is important to you, what encourages you. List the cons that may discourage you.

Visualize probable scenarios – imagine what your slimming efforts will look like.

3. The decision-making phase – I clearly decide that I am taking action

Take into account your surroundings – search for support. The phase in which you decide to start losing weight is very delicate. Make sure that among your loved ones there are people on whom you can count on getting support.

4. Phase of operation

Make a pact with you and with people. It will be easier for you to persevere in your decision if you promise not only yourself that you lose weight – inform people around you about it.

Observe yourself and your reactions. At the beginning of losing weight, try to strengthen your positive emotions related to your every little success.

5. Consequence phase – I persistently maintain the action taken

Create new patterns of action – get ready for the fact that your life after losing unnecessary kilograms will not be the same as before. Fix new habits and do not abandon them even for the smallest exceptions.

Rediscover determination – try to discover new layers of motivation in what you have already achieved. Clothes that are smaller in size are great on you? Display it!

6. Termination

Beware! The end of weight loss does not mean that you should forego the motivation you have always carefully cultivated while losing weight. Your success is not given to you once and for all – remember the healthy habits that you have worked out – keep them!

Now answer the question in which of the stages you are currently and what motivational steps you should take to successfully move to the next stage and complete the change process successfully.

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