One new study from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows how fast affects stem cells and tissue regeneration.

During the long-lasting fast, most of the energy is provided by fatty acids (not glucose), while stem cells get stimulus to repair damaged tissues. Post influences many processes in the intestines that accelerate regeneration. Researchers speculate that the above observation will allow the use of post as an additional medicine in the fight against infection or in some types of cancer (eg during chemotherapy). They also think about developing a drug that could simulate a longer non-feeding. One group of mice did not receive food, the other a normal portion of food.


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The researchers then extracted stem cells from the crypts of intestinal animals and tested how stem cells affect tissue regeneration as well as the creation of new tissues. New cells formed by stem cells are called organoids, the bigger they are the better (it means greater repairing and regenerative capacity). Crypts are responsible for the absorption of nutrients and water, they are part of the small intestine and colon epithelium.  

Effect? Fasting influenced the formation of more organoids in the intestinal crypts, and even twice as large!

Can fasting be important for human health? Of course, but before you start, consult your doctor. Extreme therapies do not always bring the expected results. 


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