Traditional potato pancakes are very popular not only in Poland, but also in other countries. Potato pancakes can be made from young potatoes, as well as older ones. Potato pancakes can be prepared from potatoes grated on thick mesh or ground. the nutritional value of potato squash – how many calories do you have?


Potato pancakes are a flat cake made of grated potatoes and toppings, and then fried in fat. The first reports of potato pancakes date back to the 17th century.

They were the basis for food in Polish monasteries, and they were prepared as they are today – from grated potatoes, eggs and flour, but they were served only with salt and pepper.

In the 19th century, the pancakes became a cheap and easy-to-obtain bread replacement during the economic crisis.

Potato pancakes is a dish that arose during poor crops and poverty. Despite the fact that the cradle of cakes is Poland, they are also popular in other countries, both in the east and west of Europe.


Traditional potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are prepared from grated or minced potatoes, flour, eggs, onions, garlic and spices.” The pancakes are oval in size and fry golden when fried.

Potato pancakes are served immediately after frying (to keep them crunchy), with both dry and sweet additions. The method of administration and the pancakes themselves vary depending on the country where they are prepared.

In Poland, potato pancakes are usually served with sugar, syrup or sour cream, as well as meat sauces, vegetable and meat stews and mushroom sauces.

Pancakes are prepared somewhat differently in other countries.” In the UK, potato pancakes are prepared from grated potatoes, flour, eggs, onions and served in the form of potato cakes.

In Ireland, buttermilk and baking soda are also added to pies, while Czech pancakes are fried in deep fat and have an oblong shape.

Swedes are fond of thin, crunchy potato pancakes fried in butter, these pancakes have the taste of fried smoked bacon and are served with lingonberry jam.

.It is different in Switzerland, where potato pancakes are prepared only from grated potatoes, without flour and eggs. Often bacon, cheese, apples and fresh herbs are added to them.


Potato pancakes – are they healthy?

Potato pancakes are a high-calorie meal because they are fried in fat, and they contain large amounts of sodium, largely dependent on the amount of salt added during preparation.

Potato pancakes are a good source of vitamin C (it takes part in the formation of collagen) and vitamin B6 (helps in relieving stress and tension), as well as copper, phosphorus and potassium (ensures proper functioning of the heart), iron, thanks to potatoes.


Dietetic potato pancakes

Potato pancakes can also be prepared in a diet version. The pancakes will be less caloric when we bake them in the oven on baking sheets that have been previously lined with baking paper and oiled.

In addition, we can give up the addition of flour, but remember to squeeze the excess water from the potatoes when making the cakes, instead of the wheat flour you can add oatmeal. In addition to the potato cakes you can add other vegetables, such as zucchini or carrots.

Dietetic potato pancakes are served with yoghurt garlic, herbal or dill sauce.” Salads, salads, thin cheeses, chicken stews, vegetable sauces and smoked fish will work great as an addition.

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