It is known that free weight should be the basis of any training. However, can basing the exercise plan solely on the dumbbells and dumbbells can be effective? Yes of course! Not everyone has access to professional machines. Very often we get messages from people who can only train at home or in a very small local gym. In order to meet, below I will write a very effective training plan that can be done virtually anywhere. The only requirement is basic exercise equipment, willingness and determination!

Purpose of training Building muscle mass

Method Split training

Intermediate / Advanced level

Days in week 4

Training description

A very strong training designed for people who have contact with weights not since yesterday. It is based only on the free load and the weight of your own body. Each day is associated with complex, multi-joint exercises. In addition, the series were combined in most muscle groups to maximize the muscle pump. The training was arranged in this way not accidentally. Isolation of the largest muscle groups (back, legs) will allow the use of very large weights without fear that you will run out of strength for smaller muscle parts. Training days are also important. It is not without reason that Wednesday is a day of rest. Remember that the nervous system requires proper regeneration.

Important notes

Positive caloric balance. Adequate nutrition is necessary to build a muscularity. Even the most powerful training will not do much if your nutritional plan does not satisfy your daily energy needs. Eating “by eye” will bring me poor results. If you do not know your own energy needs, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the subject Caloric Calculation – step by step.

Essential equipment. To perform all the exercises will be necessary bench, dumbbells, straight barbell + broken, the right amount of load, rod, handrails and weight of your own body. The training can be done in any local gym, in your own garage or even in the room (if it contains all the necessary equipment).

Warm up. Each training should be preceded by a warm-up in the form of 5min cardio (trot, bike, any stationary machine) + precise warming and light stretching of the trained muscle parts.

Pre-exercises. The beginning of training of each muscle party must be preceded by preliminary series, which we do not count in the number of target series. We perform initial series with a very small load with a large number of repetitions to improve circulation.

Selection of exercises. Virtually every exercise can be turned into a different one, during which the same muscle fibers work. All it takes is some imagination. If you can not do any of the following exercises, replace them with its equivalent.

Number of series, repetitions. Based on the common “bodybuilding system” method, the number of series was selected depending on the size of a given muscle group. A strong divergence in the number of repetitions will involve both slow and slow shrink fibers for work. Each exercise starts with the greater number of repetitions given in the table.

Breaks between series. Breaks should be selected individually, but according to a certain rule. Main strength exercises, multi-joints with breaks not exceeding 150 seconds. Exercises for smaller muscle parts with breaks within 45 – 90 seconds. It is enough to maximize the effect of building muscle mass.

Strength progress. Do not forget about constant strength progress. From week to week, try to increase the load or the number of repetitions in a given exercise. Such a process will stimulate muscles to permanent growth.

“+” In the table you will find the plus sign, it means the use of combined series. If you do not know the rules of this type of exercise – read about the Superserie theme – what they are and what makes them so effective?

Abdominal muscle training. It should be performed twice a week, immediately after training. The choice of days is not important – a lot depends on your preferences. 2 any exercises after 4 series, with short breaks (max 45 seconds).

Training schedule

Monday – Back + Hoods + Forearms

Tuesday – chest+ Biceps

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Legs – Four-headed, two-headed, Calves

Friday – Barges + Triceps

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Back (including hoods) + Forearms

Exercise series Repeat

Pulling on the rod, wide grip 4 8 – 12

Attracting the barbell in the torso fall (rowing) 4 8 – 12

Pulling on the bar, narrow snatch +

Rowing a dumbbell in a torso fall 3 10-15

Pulling the end of the barbell in the trunk fall + Raises of the dumbbells (shrugs) 4 10-12

Deadlift 4 6-10


Exercise series Repeat

Bending your wrists with a snatch, sitting +

Bending the wrists with a handheld, sitting 3 10-12

Tuesday – chest + Biceps


Exercise series Repeat

Bagpipes, a 30 ° bevel bench 4 10-15

Squeezing the dumbbell lying down, horizontal bench 4 8-10

Squeezing the bar, lying bench 30 – 45 ° +

Pressing the dumbbells narrowly, neutral 3 8 – 12

Squeezing the bar down, bench down 30 ° down 4 10-12


Exercise series Repeat

Bending of the arms with a straight barbell, standing 3 8-10

Alternating arm bending with dumbbells with supination of the wrist, sitting 3 10-12

Bending arm with dumbbell, knee support, hammer grip 4 12 – 15

Thursday – Legs

Exercise series Repeat

Squats with a barbell on the back of the neck 4 6-10

Conditioned chords with dumbbells +

Syzyfki 4 10-12

Front squat 4 12 – 15

A deadlift on straight legs 4 8-10

“Crane” 3 8 – 12

Climbing on your fingers, standing with your fingers on the support, in the hand a dumbbell or load 4 12 – 15

Friday – Barges + Triceps


Exercise series Repeat

Lifting a dumbbell in a torso fall 4 10-12

Siting a barbell sitting +

Raising the dumbbell sideways 3 10-12

Lifting the barbell along the torso 4 8 – 12

Squeezing dumbbells sitting +

Lifting the dumbbells ahead 3 10-15


Exercise series Repeat

Squeezing a French barbell lying down 4 8-10

Straightening the forearms in the torso 3 10 -15

Push-ups on the handrails 3 Until failure

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