Often, being at work, at home or at a party, we give in to the temptation of snacks. In a small amount will not be harmful to us, but it is often difficult to keep moderation, because their taste is addictive. Most often they are given to people on a diet because they treat them as renunciation. Our brain does not like being controlled, and every restrictive diet ends in falling from the extreme to the extreme – from a healthy lifestyle to large amounts of unhealthy snacks containing sugar, salt and white flour.

Sugar and glucose-fructose syrup

When choosing a snack, pay attention to whether sugar is not in the first place in the store. It increases the calorific value of a snack and even if we consider this allowance in daily demand, it will negatively affect us. Reason? It causes glucose spikes

and insulin, contributing to diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. Glucose-fructose syrup is equally harmful, if not worse, because consuming it leads to the deposition of fat around internal organs and fatty liver. What’s more, it also increases your appetite.

Excess salt strengthens the taste

Another substance that makes our brain addictive is salt. We like salty taste and dishes without it seem bland. Most of us exceed the daily demand for sodium, by adding food and consuming processed food. Excess sodium in the diet causes hypertension, which leads to other diseases of the circulatory system. It is not difficult to overdone salt – eating 100 g of salty sticks already exceeds the daily requirement, and this is just a snack.

Trans fats, why are they used?

It is the cheapest fats in the industry used for frying. They are added to pastries and sweets. They have a negative effect on blood lipids – they increase the level of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and lower the protective HDL cholesterol. Increase the risk of bowel cancer by 85%.

Monosodium glutamate

Why processed food tastes so that it’s hard to part with it? Just because it contains, among others monosodium glutamate – a taste enhancer, known as umami flavor. Many studies focus on determining its impact on humans. It was confirmed for sure that it increases the appetite. People who overweight and obese eat it more than three times more often. Probably its excess in the diet leads to the death of neurons in the brain.

Sodium benzoate

Added to beverages, cheeses, meat and fish preserves and most additives. It irritates the stomach, can increase the formation of ulcers. In combination with vitamin C, it is a carcinogen. Research suggests that it can damage cells and contribute to cirrhosis of the liver, Parkinson’s disease, and cause ADHD in children.

What to avoid?

These are just a few substances most commonly found in processed foods, and their list is very long. Which foods should you avoid avoiding excess calories and harmful substances? Here is the list

– bars – these products of well-known companies have one common feature of sugar in the first place in the composition. Chocolate bars contain trace amounts of cocoa and chocolate topping simulates powdered milk with sugar;

– salted sticks and chips – are snacks with the largest amount of sodium;

– peanuts fried in crispy batter – sounds tasty, but they are a calorific bomb and it is very harmful to the body. Under the influence of high temperature, omega-6 fatty acids, contained in peanuts, oxidize and become very reactive, damaging DNA in our cells. With continuous exposure to harmful factors, cells make mistakes during repair, which leads to the formation of cancer cells. The breading in which they are surrounded is soaked in the trans fat used for frying;

– cookies, pastries and confectionery – sugar, white flour and trans fats, what more could you want ?;

– dried fruit – some contain in its composition more than 50% sugar. You should choose the ones without its addition.



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