This is not another article under the title, do not eat cookies and bars and you will certainly lose weight, I will not write about what everyone knows, and I will focus on the less obvious aspects related to balancing the reduction diet. In addition to the large amount of products that everyone knows is unhealthy, there are also a good number of well-camouflaged enemies, whose consumption may reduce the efficiency of efforts to achieve a better figure. So what should you avoid while losing weight? 


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Sandwiches and scrambled eggs have long since been forgotten.

Today, specially designed breakfast products are eaten in the form of muesli or in the form of balls, stars or pillows of crisps. Although it might seem that these inventions are a desirable element of a healthy diet due to the presence of fiber, vitamins and energy-yielding carbohydrates, the truth unfortunately looks different. In fact, most breakfast products are simply full-grained vitaminized sweets, providing a powerful dose of refined sugars, and sometimes also hardened fat, which is known to work on the aesthetics of the figure is not really conducive … 


Peanut butter quite often appears in various, allegedly healthy and dietetic recipes in colorful newspapers, blogs and internet forums.

Meanwhile, peanut butter available in stores is a junk product that must be avoided. And this is not about calorie content and high fat content only the fact that this fat is mainly fatty acids from the omega 6 family, which we eat too much and which in the process of processing which the product is subjected to and are often oxidized. If this argument seems to me to be unconvincing, I will add that peanut fat is often used as part of experimental research to induce atherosclerosis in laboratory animals … 


I deliberately wrote the dark, because it is about bread and rolls colored with caramel.

Unfortunately, we often have a problem with distinguishing the bread obtained from the thick milling flour from the counterparts obtained from the cleaned flour with the addition of natural coloring substances. It is important to carefully inspect the labels and choose products based on ingredients such as wholemeal flour or graham flour, and avoid those in which the type 750 flour is mentioned first, even if the bread is dark colored … 

If you belong to people who believe in the comforting power of sugar

Before or during training, you lose some special bars or use energy gels, then know that you reduce fat burning. The body receiving a portion of glucose does not see the need to reach fat reserves. If you want to lose weight and your workout does not last longer than 2 hours, you really do not need to help with glucose or other sugars before and during it. Carbohydrate portions can be delivered after a lot of effort, but then it’s worth relying on conventional food rather than nutrients. 


The situation looks very similar to the gels and bars mentioned above.

A significant part of drinks for active people (whether in the form of concentrates or ready-to-drink products) contains a lot of carbohydrates. Even isotonic drinks contain about 5g of sugar in 100ml. It’s not much, but if you drink a liter of this drink, we have – a trifle – 50g of sugar. In a situation where the training is very heavy and long-lasting, of course, such a drink can be turned on, but if we talk about a half-hour walk in the park, then such practices are simply unfounded. 


Are they rich in fiber, essential elements, vitamins, and yet should not be consumed during a slimming treatment? Why?

There are at least several reasons. Wheat bran contains a lot of phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of some minerals, and secondly they are a source of specific agglutinin, which can potentially impair the action of hormones involved in the regulation of energy such as insulin and leptin


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