Every trainer knows perfectly well how important it is in the diet as well as in protein supplementation.We are looking for the best, we wonder how much, how, when … In today’s article we would like to deal with the subject of protein, and more specifically its use after training.Many athletes have a big problem with it and how many people, so many opinions, so you need to gather all the information together and finally find the correct answer to the question of how much protein after training?

Protein is an essential macronutrient that is needed for the proper functioning of the body.It consists of amino acids that are linked by peptide bonds.What is his task?First of all, the protein influences, among others, building immunoglobulins affecting immunity, enzymes associated with vital processes, relays that transmit various types of signals and structural elements, which include, among others, muscle tissue.This is why protein is so important when practicing bodybuilding and performing other sports.

Taking protein after training is a parent

During strength training, various types of micro-injuries are created in the muscle tissue.This is perfectly normal, but it is extremely important to ensure that these injuries are quickly eliminated and supercompensated.We will not achieve it in any other way than by providing protein amino acids to the body.However, one must remember about one important principle – the supply of the amino acid which is leucine, because it stimulates the protein synthesis process – MPS.

20-25 g of protein – is it the right amount?

So far, it was thought that so as to be able to achieve the maximum protein synthesis.However, this is not necessarily the right amount.A lot depends both on whether the person performed typical strength training of the whole body, or maybe he worked on one part of the muscles, and on what kind of protein we are dealing with.For people who train regularly and work on the whole body 20-25 g may not be enough to provide the body with proper protein synthesis.However, this applies to heavy, intense and those in which we stimulate more muscular work.

Booster Whey Protein

Protein is not everything

And at the end it is worth remembering that the protein itself is not everything.Without knowledge, many people think that by consuming protein even with minimal training they will grow and reach sizeable muscles.Nothing more wrong.The right shape is influenced by many factors, including a healthy diet and adequate supply of protein throughout the day, sleep quality, personal hygiene, regular training, sensitivity of androgen receptors, and, of course, appropriate supplementation.

If we have a good quality protein, which has an aminogram similar to the formula, and therefore which has egg white and whey, then 20-25 g with normal training is the most satisfactory portion.If we exercise harder, we focus on intensive training of the whole body, then the amount of protein in such quantity is insufficient and it should be slightly increased in order to be able to guarantee the proper protein synthesis in the body.This is the key to achieving the intended results.


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