Protein-fat breakfasts are gaining more and more popularity. Proponents of this diet often declare that eating a carbohydrate in the morning makes them feel much better and stay fed longer. Do protein and fat breakfasts actually make sense? We decided to check it out. 


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The body’s work in the morning 

Our bodies work in a certain way. For example, the skin regenerates the most during the night, so if you want to look young as long as possible, we should sleep and help repair the skin, for example, nourishing creams or oils. 

Similarly, the body also works in the morning – about half an hour after waking up, cortisol reaches its highest level. Cortisol, often called the stress hormone, is designed to keep the body in readiness, e.g. in a very tense situation. Then, cortisol influences the increase of glucose in the blood – sugar stimulates and makes us have more energy, thanks to which we can take specific actions. While the short-lasting secretion of cortisol is the most positive (it motivates us to work), the constantly elevated cortisol can have a negative effect on both the body and the psyche. The effect of this can be, among others weight gain and low insulin sensitivity. 

How does it relate to breakfast? If we eat a meal with carbohydrates at a high cortisol, we will discharge the insulin in the blood. Thus, the glucose will increase, which then drops quickly, which will make us hungry again. For this reason, it is recommended to eat protein-fat meals in the morning. Breakfasts based on protein and fat do not cause insulin to be released in the blood. In addition, thanks to him we will be sated longer. Protein-fat breakfasts are also conducive to maintaining your diet during the day. Because thanks to them, blood sugar in the morning is stable, there is less chance that we will have hunger pangs. 

Sample protein-fat breakfasts 

Omelette with 2 eggs with avocado, tomatoes 

Mackerel paste with spinach 

Omelette with olives and lettuce 

Cottage cheese with chives, onions and radishes 

Salad with chicken, natural yoghurt, cucumber and paprika 

For whom protein-fat breakfasts? 

1. For people who care about building muscle mass. Higher insulin sensitivity is valuable when working on the muscles. In addition, the morning fullness will help prevent snacking – for many people who care about the figure eating meals at certain times is crucial. 

2. For people who want to lose weight faster. Protein-fat breakfasts can accelerate the burning of fat, and this is because excess cortisol is directly related to the formation of skinny fat. If we reduce the morning stress hormone level by eating a breakfast consisting of protein and fat, we will lose excess kilograms more quickly. 

3. For women applying for a child. Women with diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) must pay special attention to their diet. PCOS often goes along with insulin resistance, so you need to control your sugar intake and choose the foods you eat the least. Protein-fat breakfast will be ideal – it will not raise sugar rapidly in the blood. 

4. For people who live under constant stress. BT meals do not increase cortisol, so they are ideal for people who are always stressed out. It is worth remembering that long-term stress can have devastating consequences. Stress is debilitating – can cause neurosis, depression, promotes atherosclerosis and peptic ulcer disease. So if we can not reduce its amount in life, it is worth to prevent the growth of cortisol even by eating meals with protein and fat, not carbohydrates. 

Should everyone eat protein-fat breakfasts? 

Not everyone likes eating relatively heavy, dry meals in the morning. If you do not need to be particularly careful about the level of sugar and do not care about developing a specific figure, you do not need to eat protein-fat meals. It is worth remembering that not everybody harms carbohydrates, and besides, you can combine them to receive a wholesome meal. For example, an omelette with 2 eggs and whole-wheat flour served with blueberries will be saturated due to protein and fat (eggs, frying fat – clarified butter or coconut oil) and will add some energy (flour). 

There are no studies that unequivocally show that protein-fat breakfasts are better for us, so much depends on individual preferences. If someone feels better after a BT meal, he can eat it. However, if someone needs carbohydrates in the morning and there are no contraindications to their consumption, they can boldly eat. It is worth remembering not to combine breakfast with coffee – it causes an additional burst of insulin in the blood. 


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