Protein supplements are a very good alternative to natural sources of protein. The high price of one package, however, may give the impression that it is a very expensive product. Is it really? To check this, compare the prices of most protein sources.

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, protein supplements – these are the main sources of protein in the diet of every bodybuilder. Each source contains a different amino acid profile, which is why diversity is very important. However, you can ask a question – what is the profitability of individual food products against the background of protein supplements?

I would like to point out that I am an advocate of consuming protein supplements as a supplement to my diet. I often hear texts like “I can not afford whey protein” or “it’s not worth buying protein powder”. To check if such opinions are justified, I decided to look at the profitability of individual food products and protein foods considering the cost of one serving – 20 grams of pure protein.

It is obvious that protein is one thing, while the other macronutrients are the other. However, to check the profitability of individual forms of protein, I omitted the amount of carbohydrates and fats in individual products. I also left the Aminograms for my own interpretation.

R1 Protein

The statement that the protein in powder form is expensive is associated with a one-off expense of several dozen or even several hundred zlotys. However, if you analyze individual prices, you can see that this is not true.

What are the additional advantages of whey protein, beyond the price?

  • Virtually every protein supplement is very tasty.
  • The preparation of a sheikh protein takes “a moment” and the consumption is even shorter.
  • Can be used as an addition to a meal, as well as between meals.
  • Long shelf life.
  • A full range of amino acids – make the nutrient a full-fledged source of protein.
  • Faster absorption time than other products (depending on the form – concentrate, isolate)

Is the protein in powder form necessary?

Of course not! Protein supplements were created to facilitate the consumption of large amounts of protein during the day. However, if you consume all the required amount of protein from standard meals, it is not necessary to support the protein in the form of a powder. Personally, I think that this form is a significant facilitation both when building muscle mass and reducing body fat.


If you ever hear the opinion of “professionals” that it is not worth buying protein wastes – send it back to this text. If, however, someone finds that there is no money for protein – it also means that there is no money for other food products, which are the main sources of protein. It can be safely said that there is practically no price difference between protein products and supplements that supplement the diet.


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