Do you think that the term “slimming tea” is a synonym of placebo, which has no right to act? Not for red tea.This type of tea will help you in slimming and cleansing the body.What slimming properties does popular pu-erh tea have?

What is red tea?

Although today red tea is associated mainly with the Pu-erh variety, in the times of the Polish People’s Republic the oolung variety (called ulung) was known on a large scale.Both teas are semi-fermented varieties coming from China.Interestingly, although in Poland Pu-erh is called red tea, in China it is classified as black.These differences result from the fact that in Europe we define the color through the prism of the drought, and the Chinese through the color of the infusion.

Pu-erh is currently the most popular type of red tea and this variation is worth introducing into a slimming diet.The brew of red tea is very intense and characteristic, because it has a clearly earthy aftertaste.If this taste does not suit you, you can opt for flavored red tea. The most popular flavors are grapefruit, lemon and cherry.

Red tea for slimming

Slimming properties of red tea result in several issues.It contains a large amount of polyphenols and enzymes that have a positive effect on liver function and improve digestion.Polyphenols are those healthy organic compounds that you will also find, among othersin olive oil or fruit skins.

In the process of weight loss, another property of Pu-erh red tea is of great importance.It breaks down fatty acids into smaller fractions, making them easier to burn.At the same time it prevents excessive absorption of fats into the body, so it is worth eating directly after a meal.This is due to the increased pancreatic lipase, i.e. The advantage of red tea is that it does this in a holistic way, so you do not have to worry about the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (including A, D, E and K).Another ingredient that supports weight loss is the stimulating teina, which works with longer polyphenols.

In addition, red tea lowers blood cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and has anti-cancer effects.It can also help to improve memory and improve mood.A number of advantages make it an excellent way to support reduction.It is enough to cite the results of the research of French scientists who have proved that just eating red tea alone can lead to the loss of unwanted kilograms without changing your lifestyle.The results were noticed in as many as 88% of the respondents.In combination with the caloric deficit and physical activity, the effects will be even better.

How much to drink and what to choose?

Reaching for the red tea, choose the leafy one.It is of the highest quality, which will translate not only to the content of healthy ingredients, but also to the taste.In addition, you can brew good-quality pu-erh tea three times, and cheap market-like counterparts in bags – only once.

To notice the positive effect of the red tea, you should drink about 5-6 cups brew brewed for about 3-4 minutes.It is worth eating them with a meal or directly after, because Pu-erh supports digestion.Do not overdo it with the amount of tea during the day, because the excess of theine can lead to the washing away of calcium and magnesium from the body. Reach for her mainly in the morning and afternoon, because drinking strong red tea in the evening will make it difficult for you to fall asleep.


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