As the situation forced me to do this and I do not have the conditions to go to the gym, so I have to train at home. Without equipment it is hard, but with back training it is different, only a stick or A pole is needed for their solid training. Why do I use the statement until ??, well because just look at what is happening in the gym, what percentage of people practicing pull-up on the stick (let’s agree that I’m talking only about picking up the hand). The answer is simple, from my observations it was not more than 20% !!! I understand that there may be exceptions, but in most cases this is the case. Somebody will ask why this is happening, because many prefer to do chastening to the cage or neck instead of chin up because they do not give advice to pull up in the series after 6-10 times It is for this reason that I decided to take my own back with my own back through training pull-ups to the cage and the neck. 


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1). VERSION 1 

Here’s how your workout can look like

* Pull up the maximum number of times in the 5th series. Between each series, take about 3 minutes break. Repeat this training three times a week. 

* If you can not pull yourself up 5 times in a row, do the following exercise for a while 

Place a chair (or other leg support) under the rod. Leaning both legs on the chair, take the position in the lock with the chin just above the bar. Remember to catch the lever with the crowd. Now take your legs off the stand and slowly lower yourself in the free slack until your shoulders are straight. Lowering should last min. 5 seconds (count under your nose). Immediately return to the padding position by helping yourself with the chair and repeat the exercise. Repeat 5 times. Make 2-3 series of absences with breaks of 5 minutes between sets. 

You will see how quickly your strength will increase. Then go to the typical pull-up. 

* If you are already pulling up but you do not have enough strength to complete 5 full series (or in the last 2-3 series you only pull up 2-3 times) help yourself by putting a chair under the bar. When you are no longer able to pull yourself on your hands, rest one leg on the edge of the chair and gently help yourself in lifting the torso up. Try to use the leg to a minimum, so that at least 5 repetitions will occur. 

Many people are much easier to pull themselves up in the so-called pyramid instead of in regular series. Check if you will not go better with this system. 

Pull yourself up in series 1 (pull-up) -2 (pull-ups) -3-4-5-4-3-2-1 with 2-minute breaks between sets. In this way you will pull up 25 times, that is the same as doing 5 series of 5 repetitions. It is easy to count how many times we are pulling up in the pyramid. We simply raise the maximum number of pulls (top of the pyramid) to the square. In this case 5 = 25. You can move the top of the pyramid higher and higher over time. When you get to 7, you’ll be up 49 times! 

2). VERSION 2 

We choose training based on your record in picking up the hand 

YOUR RESULT from 0 to 1 repetition 

This means that you have unheated back muscles, or they are just too weak in relation to your weight (because despite the fact that, for example, in a paddle, you carry 80 kg, and you can not get up with the leverage. 

In this case, in the beginning you have to practice lowering from the position when the head is above the rod (under the legs of the shashlik) or so-called negative form-from top to bottom. Try to make the lowering phase last as much as the table below. Only you can build the necessary strength to self-lifting in the future. 

YOUR RESULT 2 to 4ech Repeat 

You have some strength there, but something is still missing. 

Prescription for porpawe is more series with a small number of repetitions. 

YOUR RESULT is from 5 to 7 repetitions. You have strength but your muscles lack strength. 

You should do more repetitions than now. Do not depend on how much this series will take. So try to do 30 reps, making as much as you can in each series, ie 1 series 7.2a series 5 3 series 3 etc. until you get to 30u repetitions . Breaks after 60 seconds. 


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YOUR RESULT is from 8 to 12 repetitions 

You are strong. 

Training similar to the previous one you have to reach 50 repetitions in as many series as you need. Every older person to do the max, rest after 90 seconds. 

Above 12, no problem, here we are already thinking about some load. 

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