Pumps on poreczach are one of the exercises belonging to the great “7 squeezing on the lava, squeezing the soldiers, pulling on the rod, rowing, squat, deadlift and mentioned pumps on poreczach. Probably everyone, having something in common with the gym, knows what kind of exercise it is. Niekzdy, however, is able to perform even a repeat of mainly beginners. 


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1. How to exercise? 

1. We remember the good warming and stretching of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. 

2. We take the stick with a neutral grip, i.e. the palms turned outside the hand is ‘hidden’. It is important that the fuels are well stabilized and that they are not ‘slippery’, which would risk slipping off the hand and injury. 

3. Curl your legs so that in the lowest position of the body do not touch the ground, we break up and straighten our arms. 

4. Then we get air, and we smoothly lower ourselves until we feel tension in the shoulder joints. 

5. Push the body upwards, until the arms are fully straightened, while doing exhalation. 

6. Next, we carry out the next repetitions. 


2. Work of muscles and joints 

The body should be stabilized throughout the exercise. Avoid trowel or leg swinging when lowering / lifting and touching the ground. The tenants should be pointing back and positioned as close as possible to the body. Leaving the body, however, we think not to expose the muscles of the shoulder tissue to excessive pulling. We move slowly or moderately fast, controlling movements. Beginners can use the help of a partner or do their own exercise slowly. 

During the lifting of the trunk there is a change in the angle between the upper arm parts and the trunk. In the shoulder envelope, the scapula is removed and moved from the spine area above the side to the sides of the trunk and lowered. The shoulder in the elbow is straightened, ‘moving away’ from the forearm and at the same time forming a 180 degree angle. 

Pumps on pereczach are a complex and multi-joint exercise, mainly involving three-limbed muscles of the arm. Months participating in the exercise 

Despite the fact that the mentioned muscles work at this training the furthest, it does not mean that there are still other, co-working, eg and many others. Everything depends, however, on the setting of the body, fluency and the manner of doing the exercise, the moment to which we leave or our anatomy. Many muscles work in a static or ‘characteristic’ manner for the practitioner. 


3. Different variants of the exercise, ways to vary. 

VERSION ON THE CHEST PIECE In this exercise, as in the case of narrow extrusion, it is also important that the work should be done in the main degree of the pectoral muscles, to a lesser extent we are concerned about the work of the triceps muscles. The position of the torso and the position of the elbows is the decisive element of the greater involvement of one or the other muscles. It is necessary to work out a torso, where the main work will be performed by the pectoral muscles, while the elbows should work away from the torso. For better elimination of triceps and better muscle tone, you can also not straighten your arms completely. 

VERSION ON TRICEPS The spacing of the rails / stools should only slightly exceed the width of the shoulders. We grasp the handrails with a neutral grip, arms straight, chest pushed forward, legs slightly bent in the knees. Lowering and lifting the torso takes place by waving hands in elbow joints. The elbows should be as close to the torso as possible throughout the exercise. The torso upright vertically-tilting it forward reduces the work of triceps muscles, and increases the involvement of the chest muscles. Range of motion from maximum deflection to full extension of arms. A moderate pace, with no spurting and too fast lowering. 

Other embodiments are e.g.

* adding weight. Often, when at first our body is too heavy, after a while it becomes too light – and then it is necessary to add at least one plate, eg 10, 20 kg and do push-ups. 

* instead of bending the shins, straighten legs to work, thigh muscles turn on – it is more difficult, but also more dangerous, because at any moment we can fall asleep. It’s good to have someone to be safe. this variety may seem quite strange 

* an even stranger variant is to perform the upside down exercise – something like the parent_trainer example 

so much that instead of the floor, we grab the pore. it is even harder but even more dangerous – only for ‘orlow’. 

* instead of adding a Cizar in a way as it usually does – that is, attaching a ceizar to the waist, you can use the dumbbells, putting it on bent legs or holding between the legs in the case of liquid dumbbells, however, it is quite possible. 



– the nails should always be directed back and held close to the body. We leave Tulow low, however, be careful not to overcome shoulder joints what was already mentioned. Relatively suitably and carefully selected range of movement will enable and ensure full development of strength and mass. 

– do not open your hands from side to side; If we do, we will not only reduce the pressure on the three-muscle muscles, we will limit the work of the upper chest and front upper limbs, but we will unnecessarily turn other muscles into work. In addition, the shoulder load will increase, which is not good, because pumps on poreczach is an exercise intended for the development of three-muscle muscles, so you should focus on them without forgetting about others. 

– handholds should be spaced at a suitable distance, slightly larger than the shoulder width. Otherwise, you may be threatened with muscle contusion, etc. 

5. What to do if I do not do one or only a few repetitions? 

There are three ways 

* strengthening of three-muscle, chest and shoulder muscles. If they are weak, and for example a lot of weasel, it is known that it will be hard. Strengthening what will happen with strength training should help. 

* it is possible to shorten the range of the lowering movement, gradually increase it, and with time the full repeat will take place. 

* another variant – probably the most beautiful and analogous to the first one, is strengthening the muscles by making push-ups in the support with the back – parenting training. This exercise has the same effect as pumps on poreczach, and with doing one repetition no one should have a problem. 


6. Use in sport. 

Exercise, which are pumps on poreczach is important for athletes, who in a given discipline must be characterized by a high strength ramon. This applies mainly to athletes practicing sports gymnastics, porecz or acrobatic. It also helps with such disciplines as wrestling, diving, swimming, pole slants, volleyball, basketball and tennis. 

Many bodybuilders consider this exercise to be one of the most crucial when it comes to developing the muscle mass of the arms, the cage and the front part of the shoulder. 


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