RWL – rapid weight loss, or rapid weight loss, is most often found in people training amateur or competitive combat sports. The assumption of RWL is to reduce the athlete’s weight in a short time before the start to qualify for a given weight category. Therefore, various methods are used to get rid of as many kilograms as possible in the shortest possible time.

What does RWL give?

Fighters of martial arts often, unfortunately, at all costs, want to find in the lowest weight category to theoretically the best chance of winning, heightening your physical advantage over the potential opponent. The machine is powered enough that practically every player, especially in lower weight categories, reduces his weight.

RWL techniques allow you to reduce your body weight by about 5-10% in 2-5 days before the start. These methods are mainly used to reduce body weight in the shortest possible time so that the eating regimen lasts as short as possible and the lack of awareness of the potential risks of this type of activity.

Methods of rapid weight reduction

The rapid reduction of body weight is largely based on the dehydration of the body, using different types of techniques, such as limiting fluid intake, training in plastic suits, sauna, fasting, increasing the intensity of training.

But also more aggressive like inducing vomiting, laxatives or diuretic. Not all techniques, such as diuretics, are allowed in the sport, the rest of the methods, even if it were banned, it would be difficult to control.

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The effects of RWL

Little invasive effects such as reduced oxygen yield and anaerobic or low concentration can be seen almost immediately. But using RWL techniques regularly, you can also expect more serious long-term side effects, such as a negative effect on strength gains, increased risk of injury, vitamin and mineral deficits, metabolic dysregulation, acidification, reduced bone mineral density, growth retardation, and weight maintenance problems in the future.

Is it worth using RWL?

I think that after learning about the side effects, you do not need to convince anyone that such techniques are not the best way out. if we already reduce body mass, we should start this process early enough to get rid of excess body fat.
And for a short time before the start, safe drainage techniques can be used, but dehydration should be a maximum of 2-5%, and then you need to properly hydrate and rejuvenate the body.

Such treatments should also not be used by children and adolescents or inexperienced persons.

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