“Slimming tea” is often an irreverent term for placebo-like products, which just cannot support our weight loss. But that’s not the thing in case of red tea. This type of tea, will help in slimming, and detoxyfing your body. So, what benefits we can get, from using Pu-erh regularly?


In modern times, red tea is mostly associated with Pu-erh variety. It was formerly called “oolong” widely (for now, those two types are diffrent. Pu-erh is fully fermented tea, when Oolong is half-fermented type). What’s interesting is the “red” adjective. In Europe, we call color of tea by dried leaves color, where in China it’s considered by color of tea drink (and Pu-erh is considered as black tea).

Pu-erh is now the most popular type of red tea, and it’s the most proper variety to use as supporting in weight loss diets. Red tea infusion is very intensive, and specific, because of “earthy” aftertaste. If you don’t like taste of natural red tea, you can use flavored version of those. The most common additives are grapefruit, lemon and cherry.


Slimming properties of red tea is result of content several beneficial substances. It contains a large amounts of polyphenols and enzymes, which are beneficial for liver functions and proper digestion. Polyphenols are those healthy substances, which you can find in olive oils, or in fruit peels.

In process of weight loss, there is one more important proprety of red Pu-erh tea. It helps in degrading fatty acids on smaller fractions, what in result speeds up fat burning processes. At the same time, it prevents excessive absorption of fats in our organism, so it’s good idea to drink a cup of it just after meal. It’s result of intensifying secretion of pancreatic lipase, so we don’t have to worry about worsening absorption of beneficial substances, like fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). Other substance, which we can find in red tea is theine, which actions on weight reduction are prolonged in company of polyphenols.

Furthermore, red tea lowers cholesterol level, and regulates blood pressure. It can also contribute to increasing memory capacity and overall well-being. A number of benefits is main reason, why Pu-erh is such an awesome choice of supporting weight reduction. We can base our statements on French studies. They proved, that just drinking red tea, even without changing diet, or physical activity, can be beneficial in terms of fat loss. It was noted in 88% of respondents. For sure, if we add calorical deficit, and some training effects will be even better!


Try to choose red tea in its closest to nature form – in leaves form. It contains more beneficial substances, has better taste, and can be used more than one time to make a drink. It definitely cannot be done in its shop equivalent in teabags.

To notice positive influence of red tea, you should be drinking 5-6 cups of tea per day. It’s worth drinking Pu-erh just after meal, because it supports digestive processes. But you shouldn’t drink too much of tea too, because excessive amounts of theine, can lower level of magnesium and calcium in organism. Drink it mainly at morning and afternoon, because drinking strong red tea at evening, can make it difficult to fall asleep


So, there are any contraindications of drinking red tea? Well, more attention should be payed, by people, who have deficiencies of nutrients (mainly vitamins and minerals), and those, who are in need of large amounts of those, for example pregnant women, or people with anemia disease. Pu-erh increases diuresis, which can make deficiencies even more severe. So, you should consider supplementing your diet with proper macro and micronutrients.


Include red tea in your diet, and your slimming will be even more efficient! But you should also consider an increase of physical activity, and proper diet to lose fat at optimal pace. You have to remember, that drinking Pu-erh is just (well, maybe not really “just”) helpful addition, and you cannot base your weight loss on it. Remember, that you shouldn’t add any sugar, syrup and honey, because additional calories are not help in terms of losing weight!


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