Due to the large number of questions on the forum and e-mails, I decided to report my autumn reduction. 

Short, succinct and on the subject 

I started with such weights 

Protein – 3g (240g) 

Coals – 4g (320g) 

Fat – 1g (80g) 

Weight as you can see ~ 80 kg. Height 183 cm. Why reduction? To have skin like parchment at least once. Catching my fate is very easy for me, so all the more seriously I took this challenge. 

I wrote the whole for 10 weeks. 

Mixed diet – all food groups in a meal. 


Here You can find proteins – CLICK 


Training diagram 

Basically the same as mass. After training (except for legs) I raced on the treadmill for 30 minutes. 

After two weeks, I increased my time to 45 minutes, then running 4x / week. 

Then I decided to experiment and train 6 times a week. 

Training on the principle – Mon, Tue, Wed. Compounded hard. Thu, Fri, Sat isolation 12-20. 

I started to run after each training 45-60 minutes – now I consider this to be a mistake, but more on that later. 

In the meantime, after 5 weeks I increased the protein to 3.5g. The coals were just over 3g, the fats cut to 0.5g. 

I began to feel that something was being done intensively and in 7-8-9 weeks I switched to a 4-day training 

I started with one very heavy exercise and then combined themselves in ranges from 8 to 20 reps. 

Leg training was massacre. Squat in a 5-pitch ramp, then RDL with dumbbells, but it’s a slack. Then a combined crane with genuflections * and a crane with leg buckling. For dessert 3 × 20 on a hack-machine and something on the calf, because without a putty the bolt in his throat was 

* Cossack exercise, who did not let him try. Very short punctures with dumbbells. Make sure your knee does not come out behind your fingers. Scythe.
The rest of the training – here I will give you the exact break, because I liked and feel that he checked. 

Cage, triceps 

Handrails in ramp 5 

A1 dumbbells in a slant of 3 × 8-10 

A2 butterfly at neck level – 3 × 12-15 

Crossing high-middle lines – 3 × 15-20 for catheterization 


Narrowing – 4 × 6 

A1 Straightening the one-handed on the extractor – 3 × 10-12 

A2 Kick-back – 3 × 12-15 

Back, biceps 

Rowing in the ramp 6 

A1 Pulling the handle of the handle in a flat stage – 3 × 10-12 ** 

A2 Rowing barbell T – 3 × 10-12 

B1 Pulling the rod wide – 3 × 12-15 

B2 Download on straight lines – 3 × 15 + 


Bending with a barbell – 4 × 6 

A1 Bending dumbbells on the bench 60o – 3 × 10-12 

A2 Bending the combined dumbbells on a prayer book – 3 × 12-15 

** also sensational. I felt the work of my entire back. At the end of the stretch I leaned forward, at the max I released the shovels, and straightening I pulled them off + I pulled the lats firmly. I would recommend. 

Barges, belly 

Squeezing dumbbells in the ramp 6 

A1 Pulling dumbbells / chin lines – 3 × 10-12 

A2 To raise sideways while sitting – 3 × 12-15 

B1 Face pull – 3 × 8-10 

B2 Paw withdrawal with upper extract handles – 3 × 12-15 

Raise the side of the one-handed holder with the handle of the lower lift – 3 × 15 and every kurva 


Dragon flag – 3xMAX 

A1 Allahy – 3 × 12-15 

A2 hey russians let’s twist again – 3xMAX, usually around 10-12 

So it looked like a workout – a large volume, but at the reduction indicated and in me somehow worked there. 

Just over 2.5 weeks before the finish it looked like this 

After each training, I did either 60 minutes on the bike or intervals on the treadmill – minute b speed (17-18 km / h) and two minutes fast walk (7.5-8 km / h). In practice, however, it was 120 to 140 more or less before the treadmill got slower and slowed down 

Somewhere a week before the end, at the beginning of the ketosis I realized that I was running too much meat. Now I guess it was the result of too much cardio training. What would I change now – or do HIIT or trot 45 minutes after training. Possibly 2x HIIT and 1-2 max aerobics. That’s how it was later (weeks 7-8-9), but during the 6x training period I raced 6h aerobes, all the time cutting off the coals. I think it was a lime tree. 

The car or carriage, however, since the meat has so far contracted and the muscle memory supposedly exists, then I’m going with the theme to the end. I started ketosis. 

The final chapter, ketosis, diet 

Protein – 4g animal (6x a day 250g chickens) 

Coals – 30-10g of cereal in the first meal descending day by day 

Fats – nothing 


Generally disaster. By far the worst week in my life. A gag reflex every time I take out an unprocessed dry chicken from the microwave. In addition, a tablespoon of salt 3 times a day. After two days, it gave me a little water 

Feeling catastrophic. I was supposed to do 3 workouts this week, I did one. At home with two dumbbells and on the bench of such a mobile weider. I did not have the strength to go out to the normal force. I used to work like a corpse. Tired, marktony, spjerdolony 24 hours a day, badly sleeping, with zero libido. Overall, my dear failure 

Throughout the duration of the ketosis, I ate magnesium with potassium and from the 3rd day I started to throw Taraxatone, a dehydrating supplement. 

Until then (weeks 1-9 inclusive) after training with a carbo drink mixed with the isolate. Then cardio, shower and normal food. It’s so aversion to carbo, that the same sugar that watering etc. I ate it almost every day practically to the very end of the reduction and the form was better day by day. Of course, if someone pyerdolnie at bedtime, not to be hungry, it’s different 


You can read also: Why should you train legs?



It looked like this 

And now the worst thing – I got chest pains, some reflux of the stomach may be hard to say. It cut me off my legs, 2 days completely broken. I was eating minerals with a dehydrator, but “the diet is, for example, 2 slices of WASA with cold meat all day, because I was dying and I could not eat anything more. 

2.5 kg, of which ~ 2kg is muscle, went to love. 

The final result 

Weight – ~ 70 kg – 


In sum 

– the diet was catastrophically doped all this time, with the above-mentioned descent gradually, starting from 4g, ending at about 1.5g in the penultimate week, 

– strength training also git, moreover, I still had the impression that he just has to be, and how many times per week, what groups, what exercises, repeat etc. it had the least importance of all that 

– cardio was badly thought out – I think that unnecessarily these intervals on the treadmill in recent weeks, you had to either give them from the beginning or ooze, which would not shock the body. This was due to the fact that it was easy for me to water and cling to these cardio workouts. Plus undoubtedly is a great improvement in efficiency. In the ball with the boys 2h running without the slightest stumble and generally a man so fast, agile, super prepared condition. I miss this “on the mass. 

Ketosis is a dramatic period, but water has gone down and I tried to recharge a bit later, but the disease has prevented it. But that’s how it is. 

The photos do not reflect the form, it was really sensational. It’s a bit higher, small, done with a mobile phone – in such photos it’s always best to leave and later not necessarily. It does not change the fact that I miss 10-12 kg of muscle according to various estimates. I believe that it will come in time, hehe. 

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