Chi ball exercises are designed to give you maximum satisfaction with the conscious use of your own body. This training, in addition to strengthening the muscles and increasing the cardiovascular capacity, affects our well-being, freeing us from tensions and stress. 


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Chi ball – what is it about? 

It is a comprehensive exercise system developed in the early nineties by Monika Linford from Australia. It involves the harmonious combination of Eastern techniques, which include Yoga, Qi gong, Tai Chi, contemporary Chi ball dance, Pilates and Feldenkrais exercises. This combination gives a comprehensive and original method of exercise. 

Chi ball – what does training look like? 

Each Chi ball class consists of several parts, each of which has a different task. The traditional Chinese medicine and its principles play a huge role here 

Yin and Yang – the theory of forces that are in constant motion, constantly interpenetrate and complement each other. On the one hand, Yin and Yang constantly fight each other and remain in a state of agitation, on the other hand, they attract each other and balance each other. They are the unity of opposites. 

Theory of 5 elements – according to her the entire universe is made of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. All these elements remain among themselves in a strictly defined relationship. On the one hand, there is a creative, stimulating cycle, on the other hand a destructive cycle, manifested by braking. 

Chi energy is a natural force that fills the universe. He is in the heavens, the earth and in every living being. Chi is the source of life, and its free flow guarantees efficient functioning. 

The contemporary methods used in Chi ball classes belong to 

The Feldenkrais method – consists in listening to the body and learning the correct movement again, getting rid of abnormal habits. This has an impact on raising the body’s awareness and its functional use. 

Pilates exercises – allow you to control and stabilize the center of the body, which has a huge impact on the formation of the correct posture. 

Knowledge of these issues and their skillful use in Chi ball exercises allow for the release of energy blockades, giving health and satisfaction. It should be remembered that the most important thing in the Chi ball exercises is breathing, which – performed correctly – is the basis for the free flow of energy in the meridians. 

Seasons of the year and day determine the duration of individual parts of the Chi ball classes. 

Chi ball – aromatherapy, color therapy and training in one 

Chi ball is the only form of exercise that appeals to aromatherapy and color therapy. These classes are used in special balls produced only in Australia. They occur in six orange colors with an aroma of orange, yellow with a scent of lemongrass, green – fragrant geranium, purple with a fragrance of lavender, blue with a scent of juniper berries and red – cinnamon. 

The participants intuitively choose the color and smell of the exercise balls. Orange is a symbol of weather, optimism and friendship, strengthens the body’s natural immunity, helps in depression, pessimism and dissatisfaction. Yellow is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, thinking ability, improves mood, brightens up, purifies. Green is the color of nature and transformation, harmony, peace and hope. Calms the nervous system. Violet is the color of mysticism, magic and spells. It strengthens sensitivity, connects the body with the soul. Blue is a color that calms, calms and soothes the nerves. It is associated with space and freedom. Red energizes the body and mind most strongly and quickly. It is the color of activity, passion and passion. 

Chi ball works on all the senses, increases the awareness of your own body, and through the release of energy blockades improves your health. 


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