development of resistant muscle groups, gaining a clean mass, activating the ringer’s split training creates a bridge between the advantages of splits and fbw. It can be used in any training system as an additional training on an additional day. 

Thanks to the breaks between trainings, we achieve a 30% greater load on the muscles and the certainty that all the fibers gave everything. It is very characteristic after this training to pump a given group of muscles for a long time – often from 3 to 7 days after training. 


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Ringer training allows you to maximally turn all muscle fibers into operation, leads to a large destruction of muscle fibers, which, as you know, is much more rebuilding. Long breaks between the exercises (15-30 min) allow you to squeeze out of all the fibers maximum involvement after their initial regeneration. 

The name comes from the bellers’ work characteristics – they called – with bigger bells they took a few minutes to fully swing several tons of bells (I-most-load phase), typical ringing, i.e. maintaining the energy of the already-exploded bell (phase II-stable effort), deceleration bell (phase III – load less than in phase I but it should be larger than in phase II – in practice it was smaller..that is another story), later there was a break of a quarter, half an hour, hour – depending on the custom of ringing-in small towns without a clock tower-bells chose the rhythm of the day. Still today, this can be observed-so much that the bell-tower was replaced by electric motors with a time machine. 


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– for advanced, training for at least a few years, having muscle groups weakly responsive to the stimulus or lack of motivation, conviction to train the given party muscles – because it does not go, because no effects, bogenetics, etc … 

Sometimes even one ringer training quickly breaks the stagnation, wakes up the shit and makes us sad. 

4. The method of implementation 

-the ringer’s training is performed only on one selected muscle group – it is obvious that the bigger effects are on large muscle groups, but it can be applied to every muscle complex. 

– we do this training only once a week – a greater number of times does not significantly increase the effects and faster leads to muscle and nerve injuries – then the injuries are easy. 

-the ringer’s training can be connected to the planned training of a given group or to do a day, two later after the training of a given group – depending on the training plan, free time. 

– we can use for this training one selected exercise – preferably involving the most muscles or we can choose 3 different exercises for the same group – but very similarly interacting. 

-the training is performed in three phases – basic version 

* phase I-force, or strong -dynamic-excercise we perform explosively in 4-5 series after 4-6 repetitions (before that we know a good warm-up on smaller weights) – weight reduction up to 90% – the best method here is 5 × 5 or similar . 

After doing this one exercise – we take a break from 15-30 minutes. At this time we can train moderately intensively smaller muscle groups, not involved heavily in the above exercise (eg we train the bell ringer and we make calves in intervals), you can also take amino acids, in or only Depending on preferences and habits, you can do nothing. The interval will not be longer, so that the muscles are not cooled down (after warming up and training the training temperature in the muscles is about 41 degrees – for 15-30 minutes it will drop without any training by approx. 1-2 degrees. This will allow us to go without a major warm-up to phase II. 

In the meantime, training smaller muscles does not allow you to lower the temperature of the whole musculature and the previously exercised muscle group, keeping the body ready. 

* phase II is the same exercise (or very similar) as in phase I – we perform in 4-5 series with a weight selected for 8-10 retries, technically correct. 

Break 15-30 minutes and 

* phase III the same exercise we do with weight progression selected for repeat reproduction10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 6 items, 12-16 repetitions. 

And this ends the ringer training. 

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