Advantages of rowing 

Rowing is not an isolated exercise, it means that we do not work on a specific muscle during training, but we give the whole body training. It is very important that we balance our joints during rowing, so that we do not expose them to further damage, and people who have to give up running because of pain, can exercise freely on the rowing ergometer. 


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Rowing is such an intense exercise that it will help to deal with unnecessary kilograms while shaping our muscles. 

Rowing at the gym 

One of the popular devices in the gym is a rowing machine. During the exercises on it, we engage the muscles of the legs – especially the two-headed thighs, the large thighs and the semi-limb. 

During exercises, it is worth paying attention to whether the main part of the work is performed by legs – it is the most effective training, because we relieve the spine and upper limbs. During this exercise, the gluteal muscles, muscles of the arms, back and back muscles also work. 

Also, the abdominal muscles play a big role by straightening us to the starting position and stabilizing the spine. Exercise on a rowing ergometer will allow you to strengthen the backbend rectifier and the widest back muscles, quadrilateral and parallelogram muscles, thanks to which we will get an upright figure and we will less and less slouch. 

Rowing on the water 

During rowing, eg in a kayak, less emphasis is placed on the legs, and larger on the upper parts of the body, which is associated with the need to overcome the resistance posed by water. During the rowing work mainly muscles of the back, arms, back, but also the abdominal muscles. While paddling, it is worth remembering the posture of the body, thanks to which we will not get a spinal injury. 

Do not bend your elbows while rowing. It is best to hold the oars with widely spaced hands, and one hand should remain stationary. It is best to ask a canoeing instructor or experienced canoeists about the most convenient technique, but it is only with the passage of time and subsequent canoeing that we find a perfect way for ourselves. 


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