Semolina, otherwise it is called semolina.This is a fine-grained porridge, obtained from wheat.It is formed during the milling of wheat into flour.During this process, many fractions of porridges, i.e. flours, are obtained.

One of these factions is subjected to the purification process, on special devices called porch worms.This purification consists in isolating fine bran particles and poppies from the semi-finished fraction of the porridge fraction.

Such a purified porridge fraction, with a fixed grain size, is the final commercial product called semolina.It is widely used in the diet of young children and people with hypersensitive digestive system, due to its digestibility.Semolina, however, should not eat people who have a recommended diet without gluten.This groats contains in its composition wheat, which contains gluten.

In the trade you can find two types of semolina – ordinary and prepared (lightning).The latter, in the production process, undergoes a thermal pre-treatment, which leads to the starching of starch grains, which in turn causes faster cooking of such groats.

Well-prepared semolina should have a white color with a slight yellow tinge.In its composition contains a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins, but also a large amount of starch.

Properties of semolina

Semolina contains many valuable nutrients and minerals, including vitamin PP, a wealth of B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, iron, manganese, silicon, potassium.Few people know that semolina is a great source of iodine valuable for our body.

Although semolina is quite caloric, it is recommended for people who want to lose unnecessary kilograms.This is because the porridge contains a large amount of fiber, which helps regulate the work of the intestines, and at the same time makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat.


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Semolina also contains a large amount of starch, which not only makes us feel longer saturated and full, but also perfectly nourishes our brain.Due to the high content of potassium, it is recommended for people with hypertension and suffering from cardiovascular disease.In addition, semolina has cholesterol-lowering properties.Due to the large amount of fiber that is in this type of porridge, it should be eaten by people who have trouble with persistent constipation.In turn, due to the large amount of iron, semolina is recommended in the diet of pregnant women.

Although it’s a shame to admit, semolina does not often sit on our tables.This is a great mistake, because it is not only healthy, but also tasty.We can serve it under a variety of characters, either for breakfast, as an addition to dinner, dessert, or for dinner.We can also thicken the sauces with semolina.

Recipes with semolina

Cake with marmalade nWe need 70 g sugar, 3 eggs, 280 g semolina, 170 g flour, 112 g marmalade, 60 g almonds, 115 ml olive oil, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 130 ml orange juice, 58 g cranberry.

At the very beginning, we beat the proteins to stiff froth.In the other bowl, mix the semolina, flour, baking powder and almonds.Separately, grind yolks, for fluffy mass.We combine the oil with orange juice and marmalade.Then the mass was created, mixed with yolks.

Then add dry ingredients, and mix everything with whipped proteins.At the end, add the cranberry and mix everything together.Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.We prepare a cake fruitcake, lubricating it with oil.We pour the mass into the mold and bake the dough for about 30 minutes.If the dough is too early to be brown, cover it with foil.


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Gypsy stuffed cabbage

We need about 1 kg of cabbage, 4 onions, 2 cups of semolina, 5 eggs, 80 dkg of minced meat, breadcrumbs, 2.5 cups of rice, salt and pepper to taste, oil for frying.

At the very beginning, cut and finely chop the cabbage.Then we salt it.We cast water, which will let go the cabbage.We cook rice.Next, peel and finely cut the onion, which should then be flared in oil.Put the cabbage, rice, buckwheat and eggs, and the onion together.Season with salt and pepper to taste.Prepare the chops from the resulting mass.If, the mass comes out too thin, you can add a bit of breadcrumbs to its density.

Cut each chop into breadcrumbs and fry in golden color on each side.So prepared chops, put in a casserole, add two glasses of water and cover with aluminum foil.Then bake the cutlets in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, for an hour.You can serve them with tomato sauce and wonderful Colesław salad.


We need 70 grams of semolina, a spoon of butter – although it is really unnecessary, because grits can be eaten without it, but if you prefer, you can use butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey, 1.5 glasses of water – or milk, a tablespoon of juice lemon, half a banana, 5 g raisins, a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon, 2 cloves – but do not forget to take them out.

At the very beginning, prune porridge, with or without butter, until golden brown.We add a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon.In a separate pot, we boil water with sugar and cloves.When the water starts to boil, pour the porridge.Then mix everything and add a sliced ​​banana.Cook until the moment the groats leave the pot.

Semolina with milk

We need half a liter of milk, 2 to 3 tablespoons of semolina, sugar and salt to taste.

We pour 3/4 cup of milk, then pour the semolina into it.Mix everything.We cook the rest of the milk.To boil milk, pour a wet porridge.Mix until thickening.Season with salt and sugar, to taste.

Dessert semolina with raspberries

We need 2 cups of milk, 2% fat, or more, 5 tablespoons of semolina, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 10 pieces of raspberries.

Preparation pour milk into the pot, add sugar and cinnamon.The amount of sugar and cinnamon, however, we can increase or decrease by setting a specific amount according to your taste and taste.When the milk begins to rise and boil, remove the pot from the fire and add semolina, gradually, one spoonful, stirring vigorously so that no lumps are formed.

We cook the dessert so prepared for a few moments, stirring constantly, until it starts to bubbling.Then, put the porridge out of the fire, and pour it into small dessert dishes, cups, bowls.Leave to cool, then put in the fridge for an hour.

It is important that the dishes in which we put the porridge, were shaped so that it can be easily removed later chilled from the dish on the saucer.Chilled porridge so delicately removed on plates, trying not to destroy the delicate structure.Cook the porridge so prepared with raspberry juice and decorate with raspberries.We can also use other fruits, for example strawberries.They can also be frozen fruit.


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