With increasing age, the metabolism deteriorates, so the behavior of a slim figure is getting more and more difficult. In women, an additional problem is hormonal changes associated with menopause. This does not mean, however, that seniors can not fight overweight effectively. Preserving proper body weight after the age of 60 is very important because excessive kilos combined with old age mean a high risk of serious health problems.

Diet for the senior

Due to the weakening of metabolism it is important to observe the regularity of meals.Seniors should eat five times a day at fixed times. It should be remembered that after exceeding the age of 50, the energy demand drops by 300 kcal. The severity of catabolic processes causes that older people need a large amount of full-value protein.The menu should therefore include products such as dairy products, fish, soybeans or quinoa. It can not also lack products rich in dietary fiber, which regulates the intestinal function, and thus prevents constipation.It is worth reaching for cereal products, such as buckwheat, rye and graham bakery, bran and cereal.Fiber is also found in many fruits and vegetables, especially in legume seeds.Water is another important element of the diet. Elderly people often do not pay attention to proper hydration of the body, which not only makes it difficult to lose weight, but can also be the cause of unpleasant ailments. A good choice is herbal infusions that support digestion, for example mint and sage. Dishes of fried foods and bloating products should be eliminated from the menu.


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Sugar is best replaced with natural sweeteners.

Supplements may be supplemented with supplements that provide nutrients necessary for proper metabolism.Good results can also be achieved thanks to regular supplementation of the level of L-carnitine, which accelerates fat burning and increases the energy necessary for effort.The human body needs about 20-25 g of L-carnitine, but it is able to produce only a small amount of it.

Sport for the senior

The movement is necessary for every man, regardless of age.Older people are no exception in this respect. Regular physical activity is recommended especially for seniors, whose weight is too high. Slimming after the age of 60 is complicated, so it is important that a good reduction diet is combined with sport, adapted to your health.There are many forms of activity that can be recommended to the elderly.

Swimming and aqua aerobics

The swimming hour allows you to burn up to 460 kcal, so regular visits to the pool greatly facilitate the fight against overweight.However, this is not the only benefit that seniors can get from swimming.This form of activity has a beneficial effect on the bone-joint system, the problems that many older people complain about.Swimming involves almost all body muscles.In particular, the muscles of the back, arms and legs are strengthened.Using the swimming pool, you can also strengthen the circulatory and respiratory systems.In addition to swimming seniors can recommend aqua aerobics.In larger cities, special water aerobics classes for older people are organized.Activity in water is a very good way to improve endurance, flexibility and coordination of movement.During classes with aqua aerobics, often therapeutic exercises are performed, which alleviate ailments such as joint and spine pains.Water aerobics is also an excellent opportunity to expand the circle of friends, so people who feel lonely are encouraged to participate in such activities.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is another form of activity that involves a large part of the muscles.Thanks to the use of poles, the burden on the joints will be limited, due to which many seniors can not afford ordinary marches.Not without significance is the fact that Nordic walking is a sport that is grown outdoors, which means better oxygenation of the body, as well as a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and respiratory system.Regular marches regulate blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.For a walk with sticks you can go alone and also in the company, which is why it is a good proposition for both individualists and for those who like to play sports together with friends.


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Another sport that is grown outdoors is cycling.This form of activity can be recommended especially to seniors who would like to take care of the condition of their veins.While riding the bike, the floating leg muscles cause pressure on the veins and support the pumping of blood to the heart.Regular rides strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol levels and help control blood pressure.Seniors, like all other cyclists, should follow the rules of safe driving.The bike must be equipped with at least one brake and a bell, and the cyclist should wear a reflective vest and a helmet.


It is never too late to learn to dance well.Dance is a very good proposition for people who are exposed to the development of cardiovascular disease.Studies conducted in Italy confirmed its beneficial effect on the health of patients diagnosed with heart failure.The dance stretches and strengthens the muscles as well as improves motor coordination.What’s more, it allows you to relieve emotions and acts as a stress reliever, and even relieves the symptoms of depression, due to the regulation of the level of serotonin and dopamine.

Slimming in the elderly should be well planned.Diet and physical activity must be adapted to your health.When planning a menu, you also need to consider the need for nutrients that are different in seniors than in younger people.Only through the combination of a healthy diet and movement can you get satisfactory results and get rid of excessive kilos.


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