When you add physical activity to a healthy diet and apply some culinary tricks and diet modifications, your weight will start to fall faster. See how you eat and how to eat, turn up the metabolism.


  1. Drink water

The body needs calories to burn calories. Even slight dehydration can cause a drop in metabolic rate. People who drink eight glasses of water a day burn more calories than those who drink only four glasses.


  1. Do not avoid energy drinks

The caffeine and taurine contained in them accelerate metabolism and fat burning (taurine). When you reach for such a drink, check its calorific value and include it in the energy balance of the day. Otherwise, the calorie content of the diet will increase, slowing down the slimming rate.


  1. Eat more often

When you eat large meals with long breaks between them, metabolism slows down. The ideal solution is three main meals a day plus two healthy snacks and breaks between all meals and snacks no longer than 3 hours. In this way, you do not allow the release of metabolism. An additional benefit for those who eat snacks, usually eat smaller main meals, and consequently their diet is less caloric.


  1. Use spicy spices

Sharp foods contain an ingredient that speeds up the metabolic rate. This effect lasts for a short time, but when you fatten in spicy foods, the accumulation will occur – the calories burned in this way will add up.


  1. Reach for protein

The body uses more calories to digest protein than carbohydrates. Increase the amount of protein in the diet at the expense of simple carbohydrates and get the best effect. The best source of protein is lean beef, turkey, fish, chicken breast, tofu, nuts and eggs.


  1. Drink black, bitter coffee

It can also be white, but preferably without sugar, or limited to a minimum. In this way, you drink a drink without empty calories, and containing caffeine, which can temporarily increase the rate of metabolism.


  1. Taste in green tea

Of all teas, this green and white tea has the greatest effect accelerating metabolism. This effect can last up to several hours. Experts say that drinking 2-4 cups of green or white tea a day can speed up exercise metabolism by up to 17% (during moderate effort).

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