A new trend in bodybuilding. 

Short, interwoven cycles of mass-sculpture (de-grinding, support or reduction of fat – they are all here, all at once). 


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The words I address are enthusiasts who take the gym very seriously and want the best results. I was inspired by the analysis of my own form over several years. I wondered why some time ago I had a much better form than now and why it is so “shaky, unstable. 


We are used to working on increasing weight in long-term cycles. 

First a few months mass, later fat reduction. As we usually say, “carve it, you have to have something. There is a part of the truth in this. 

But when we drag the masses in time, it is inevitable to take up a certain percentage of unwanted backup tissue. We often greasy so much, which makes us lose the valuable muscle mass later trying to burn up the acquired tissue. 

By limiting the duration of mass cycles (the method of small steps) we use the potential of building clean muscles, and by observing catching we “cut off calories (carbohydrates) and continue training aiming to maintain the balance of kcal at zero or slightly negative. If we develop a body with a low level of body fat, we can completely abandon aerobics with such short cycles. 

On average, for an athlete (without doping), this period is 8 weeks (before it starts to flood) we can do, for example, one HST macrocycle with mass priority, and then 8th HST macrocycle aiming at improving the quality of the developed mass (exercise plan not necessarily it must be different – and the loads may increase by a standard of 5% in each exercise), definition, weight stabilization, fat burning. The choice of training methodology depends on us. Highly recommended by me is also isometric training which is forgotten and underestimated by the majority of the trainers. 

It helps improve definition and vascularization and muscle strength (!). Let’s not forget about streching (always after warming up muscles, never on “cold because of the risk of injury) 


What to diet 

it is important that it is high-protein, well-thought-out, balanced, on-going weight measurements, circuits and checking the appearance in the mirror to be sure that we do not make any mistake (we learn from mistakes but the trick is to avoid them or react in time). All changes in the diet must be carried out in a gentle, gradual manner. The body does not like to be surprised by sudden changes. 




Supplementation technology is growing at a fast pace. You have to go with the times and use the conclusions of the conducted research. I am an advocate of constant creatine supplementation. 

However, an even better solution would be to use (sometimes in reduced doses) “combines in the form of creatine stacks that combine a lot of supplements and it is simply more cost-effective to take one preparation than purchase a few separately. During such short training cycles, it is important to provide anti-catabolic protection. Thermogenics can be used that release additional energy if we do mass as well as sculpture. 

See how the approach to supplementation has changed over the years, almost turned upside down. Today, we use creatine on reducing cycles and thermogenics while working on muscle mass. It seems to me that if I heard such things in times when I started to train, everyone would tug on the forehead. 

In conclusion, we aim to stay at a low level of% body fat and build only pure muscle tissue because I think the effects are much better than using long massage-massage cycles. We kind of “keep our finger on the pulse of seeing how our muscles develop, which does not cover the layer of fat as it would probably look in an alternative situation. The biggest mistake is to give yourself less time to reduce than we gave to sacrificing him to build mass, then the losses are the easiest. But the way described above has the advantage that we look so much the whole year that we will not be ashamed of the appearance of our body. An example of the successful use of this type of short mass-reduction cycles is the absolute world champion of the IFBB federation,  who starts around twenty several times a year and is still in the form. 


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