As usually happens with these types of questions, the answer is It depends.

If you count on the fact that after incorporating protein supplement into the existing diet in a magical way you will lose body fat, I have bad news for you. Probably not enough to lose weight!

Why? For a simple reason. The reduction depends on a number of factors, primarily the caloric deficit. The mere fact of increasing the supply of protein in the diet in no way will translate into an increase in the deficit, which is probably the procedure will in no way affect the reduction of weight. However, if you replace one / two meals with a protein supplement, you’ll be one step ahead!

It is worth noting that the inclusion of protein supplement in the menu during the reduction may be helpful in maintaining the calorie deficit. If, thanks to the protein supplement, we maintain the caloric deficit, then the incorporation of the nutrient will translate into a reduction in body fat.

What’s more, scientific research shows that consumption of whey supplements increases the rate of resting metabolism by about 5-6%.

The benefits of the whey protein effect mentioned here will be felt using the caloric deficit.

Summing up the use of protein supplement during the reduction may be helpful, because it will help us to maintain the caloric deficit, reduce the desire for sweets, will increase satiety, improve insulin sensitivity and slightly increase the rate of resting metabolism. Positive effects of the influence of the use of protein supplement on the reduction of adipose tissue can be noticed only if we follow a caloric deficit diet in parallel.

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