A lot of people starting their diets, especially those reducing thoughts, only about how often and whether they can cheat at all. Cheat meal is an important aspect of the diet, which, if well incorporated into a balanced diet, positively affects the reduction of adipose tissue.

What is a cheat meal? How to put it in your menu? I will try to answer these and other questions in the following article.

When applying a diet, where often the deficit and activity burden us heavily in relief, it is possible for us to take advantage of a “cheat meal”. Such meals give a particularly psychic relaxation, and we also have the opportunity to “rest” from the diet from time to time and, for example, being on the birthday of my aunt, treat ourselves to the cake we miss. Of course, cheat meal is not always well introduced. It often happens that the reducing people have barely started their diet and after a week are wondering what they will eat during a cheated meal. Such a move is of course not beneficial or recommended. Therefore, the implementation of a cheat meal should be thought through, and we should also consider whether it is the right moment.

Such a cheat meal has an amazing effect, in particular on our hormonal balance stimulating individual hormones

  • leptin,
  • ghrelin,
  • Thyroid hormones,
  • insulin.

The level of leptin, especially during weight loss, is quite low, therefore, the introduction of a cheated meal may have its advantages, because a meal that will have high calorific value will allow leptinically “jump” and turn up our metabolism. In addition, thyroid hormone levels will increase, which are responsible for the rate of our metabolism, and also have an effect on reducing cortisol levels.

So you can say that in some cases a cheat meal may be beneficial to break the stagnation, especially when our reduction is in the “stagnation” stage. Such a meal will stimulate our metabolism, and also mobilize our body for faster burning. In addition, our body will be satisfied, because it will satisfy your physical and emotional need to eat something that is not necessarily on a reduction diet.

So when to apply a cheated meal?

when our motivation to continue running a diet decreases,

When we feel fatigue in the diet,

when we have a stagnation in reduction,

when the reduction goes well, and we have some special occasion and would like to eat something “normal”.

when our motivation to continue the diet falls,

when we feel fatigue diet,

when we have stagnation in reduction,

when the reduction goes well, and we have some special occasion and we would like to eat something “normal”.

What can you eat as a cheat meal?

  • a few pieces of pizza, ice cream, burger, or hot-dog, sweets, eg chocolate, or salty snacks, nbrill snacks, all the best.
  • a few pieces of pizza,
  • pizza
  • a portion of ice cream,
  • hamburger or hot dog,
  • sweets, e.g. chocolate or salty snacks,
  • grill snacks,
  • cookie.

It is worth mentioning that one should not stress the increase in weight the day after a deceitful meal. This is normal. The glycogen has slightly improved, and the intestinal content has increased, so a few days will pass before our body stabilizes.

In summary, the cheat meal has its justification, especially when it comes to the psychological aspect of a person who is deficient for a long time. It is worth to plan such a meal and remember that its concept is not to indulge in the whole day, because cheat day personally I do not need it or recommended. It is obvious that in one day we will not get fat or lose weight, but indulging in the whole day, it can turn into weekly indulgence, because I have been on reduction for so long – it is due to me. Hence the important fact of arranging it in time so that it would make sense. It is also worth remembering that cheated meals do not have any magical effect, they can help us break stagnation, but in some cases, e.g. when we have a large percentage of body fat cheat meal is not recommended, because it can worsen the current state.When our diet is finished, and once in a while we just want to eat something other than our standard meals – you can eat something “forbidden” and feel the mental and “fit in” taste buds. Then using a cheated meal makes sense



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