Also, people who know how to do things do not always have time to answer every single request for a new program and to do it with some magical e-way that it will be customized especially for you in every respect. 


Here you can find pre-workout supplements – CLICK 


– if you’re a guy who does not have time for such problems … 

– if you’re horny at the gym and you have to start tomorrow with something new! … 

– if you’re a guy who’s tired of wondering “are I doing what I do at the gym properly or not? … 

– if you are a guy who is fed up with discussions and constant arguments over whether it is worth exercising 6 reps with 87% of 1MR, resting after 120 seconds, at 5002ms, or not … 

-if you are a guy who is characterized by a willingness to act HERE and NOW, and the scientific justifications he prefers to leave to others … 

– if you’re a guy who likes to get close to the goal with the simplest and thus the fastest line … 

– if you’re a guy who respects the time of other people and yours … 

– if you are a guy who instead of asking others for help and being a result of this someone’s grace, he prefers to take matters into his own hands … 

And finally, if you just want to practice and do not waste time on any guessing about your person and scientific inquiry, because it tires you and you realize that it has a limited spectrum of action (if you do not do something yourself and you do not recognize it, nobody for you he will not do it), and time is pressing and your hands are burning because you do not have an infinite life in front of you … 

– if you have any worries and want to throw yourself in the whirl of work to forget about him … 


I called this topic “Shut up and exercise because it inspired me, among others Coleman T-shirt “SHUT UP AND SQUAT. It perfectly matches what I want to write here. Set aside fluctuations, reflections, calculations, complicated agonizing … just go * to the gym! grab the barbell! Make your own! and leave. Repeat it a few hundred times, and you will find answers to all the questions you are bumming … just “shut up and exercise! 

You do not have to (you can not!) Acquire all knowledge during the study week, you can never be sure that what someone wrote you is really good for you, because maybe you do not trust him … so what to do !? do not worry about it, do not be upset just give yourself time and grab something reliable, something that you can trust now and now and go with it until you feel that the day has come when you know what’s going on in all this and you will do something for yourself . 

I put below the split and its variations. It’s enough that you fit into one of them. One by one, he will write what and how, what he eats and what he is tired of, so everything will be clear and legible. In the end, so that it is not that I am pressing you for something that may not work, I post REFERENCES, that is, from who, who and how can certify that it works. 

The goal, as always, is to obtain maximum mass or strength 

FOR WHO ntermediate, ideal for returnees after a long break, beginners but only those who do not snag and know what is written here. ASSUMPTIONS training created while maintaining the boundary between safety and effectiveness. Training enabling easy and understandable weight progression. Training in which you can stop at any time and see where you are (clearly translating the amount of weight on the muscle). The use of the latest techniques and assumptions in the implementation of the above objectives, while sticking to the principles of iron and proven methods (more in REFERENCJE). Straight and legible. 


* think about what you expect from the gym. Do you want to raise strength because you say that you will find it useful in your life (strength training), or do you prefer to build muscle mass (training on mass), let your woman have a hug, or maybe your woman complains that you are not as thin as the actors from Hollywood (training for sculpture)? 

* think if the school / work / university is more important than the gym (3 training days), or is it the other way round (4 training days). 

2) WHEN? 




Day 3 BREAK 



Day 6 BREAK 

Day 7 BREAK 

best from Monday to Friday, and on weekends a break. However, you can match workouts differently to days. It is important that only the proportions and number of break days are as they are, ensuring perfect regeneration of each party. Triceps also works with the chest and arms, the biceps are usually torn (because it should not) at the back, and with the legs working arms and upper back strangely (squats with barbell, deadlift …). That is why everything must stay as it is. This ensures optimal rest for large muscles, the smaller ones get the impression more times, but they will be able to regenerate until the main exercises are performed (thanks to this, for example, triceps will not affect the bench press because it will be regenerated, etc.) 


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