People often ask here how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. The answer is usually “If you are not a beginner or you do not come back after a break, it is impossible. However, this is possible under certain circumstances. People who start their adventure with bodybuilding can easily lose a few pounds of fat while grabbing a lot of muscle mass and strength. For most beginners, losing 2-5 kilograms of fat while getting 1-2kilograms of muscle is completely normal. This is because the load that is subjected to never-previously-trained muscles surprises the body and it does not draw energy from amino acids and from fat stores. The situation is similar for people returning from a long break. Muscle memory is one that allows you to quickly return to old muscularity in the absence / poor diet. 


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It should be noted that when using pharmacological agents fat can be burned simultaneously and muscles build. This can be achieved, inter alia, thanks to testosterone. However, the most commonly used is Clenbuterol, which is considered a magic agent for simultaneous fat loss and building muscle mass, but ceases to work after two weeks of continuous use. The third agent is growth hormone. However, let’s consider natural ways to solve this problem. 

The fundamental problem is that our body does not cope well with doing two things at the same time. Especially when these two things come into conflict with each other or have other fundamental requirements. For example, strength and endurance training impairs the final effect. Why? Strength training gives the muscles signal to become bigger and stronger, which requires more energy, glucose as fuel. Strength training gives a signal that the muscles are more effective (which results in a reduction in muscles) and consume less energy. The end result is that the body can not achieve optimal results by doing these two things at once.

How is it to lose fat and gain muscle? 

In short, these two processes have different requirements. Ie. increased muscle mass and fat loss requires different hormonal and nutritional conditions. 

To gain muscle mass we need to have a positive caloric balance and preferably a high carbohydrate diet. This results in the appearance of insulin, a decrease in cortisol, an increase in leptin, free testosterone, and other hormones, which leads to faster protein synthesis, all this results in the anabolic effect of muscle mass, unfortunately also adipose tissue. The diet on the negative caloric balance has the opposite effect. 

The reason for gaining muscle mass is the same as the reason for gaining body fat. Analogous requirements for fat loss are the same as for muscle loss. The creation of new tissue (muscle or fat) requires energy and this energy can not arise from nowhere. The creation of new muscle tissue is particularly costly compared to the creation of adipose tissue. We can only dream that the calories for the creation of muscle tissue will be taken from the spare fat, this is rarely the case. 

Usually, never without proper means such as clenbuterol. 

Why is this happening? 

Our genes are responsible for everything. In order to survive in the past, man had to be able to accumulate fat – more fat meant longer survival during cold winters. In short, our body still thinks that we are cavemen – genes have not been able to adapt to the present day, where there is a lot of sweets, bars and all high-calorie foods. It may seem to us that the muscles of such a caveman were necessary – to have the power to kill a tiger, for example. However, it is not. The human body was created to gain food using intelligence and cunning, not muscle. Muscles take a lot of energy and their maintenance also costs a lot of energy, which is why they were not profitable. For the caveman the most important was speed and cunning, so he knew how to set a trap for animals.

So what solution? 

The real solution is to use cyclic diets. For example, 2-3 weeks of a mass diet and 2-3 weeks of a reduction diet may be a good solution. It can then be concluded that we will potentially lose fat (or at least not lose it) while increasing muscle mass. Of course, if you have 6-7% bf, this is an unreal option without doping. A good solution is low-carbo diet, optimal for endomorphic patients. It causes a relatively low fat gain, but also a small increase in muscle mass. 

We can also apply a deficit of -200 calories below the demand and we will be very slow to lose weight but also very slowly gain weight – research has confirmed this possibility. However, this is very ineffective. The choice is yours. 


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