Ski jumping is classified as extreme sports. Do you imagine that you sit a few hundred meters above the ground on the beam, accelerate, jump and … fly a few hundred meters above the ground? 


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For some people, the cold sweat on the back appears at the very thought. Others are fascinated – such people want to feel unimaginable adrenaline and make something unusual to fly over the ground for a moment. Sounds like a small child’s dream? Perhaps. Because it is at such a young age that an adventure with ski jumping begins. Then the nurse trainer assesses whether such a young man has talent. If so, then the next years of his life will abound in trainings that perhaps make him the second Malysz, what many boys dreamed about, and still dreams of. 


You need equipment and the right outfit to practice any sport. This one necessary for ski jumping is very expensive. Its cost is estimated at three thousand zlotys. The price includes the cost of skis and bindings, a suit, goggles, a helmet and shoes. 

The helmet must be worn by all people who practice ski jumping. It protects the head against head injuries. Thanks to it, the risk of a concussion shock due to a fall is minimized. From a health point of view these are the most important reasons for wearing helmets. It turns out, however, that they can contribute to … improving aerodynamics, which undoubtedly affects the quality of jumps. 

Jump skis are much longer than those for riding down the slopes. In addition, they are lighter, longer and wider (so that the player can give the best jump). Permanent bindings are attached to the skis, which hold the shoes of the jumper. They are designed in such a way that in the event of an accident the shoes are automatically removed from the skis. This allows you to avoid injury or minimize its effects. 

The suit is made of a special foam, which can be covered with a metallized material. Experts jokingly say that this piece of equipment works like a sail. Why? It turns out that the wider the suit, the greater the chances that the jumper will give a longer jump. Such a uniform allows for the passage of forty liters of air per square centimeter. 

Jumpers’ shoes adapt to the movements of their feet. They are specially cured at the back, so the risk of injury is lower. 

Where to exercise? 

In the south of Poland there are ski jumps in Zakopane (Wielka Krokiew and K85) and in Wisła (K120). In addition to these large ski jumps, there are usually a few of different sizes. It is them who are trained by beginners and ski-jumping enthusiasts. To be able to practice this sport, you need to join the club for jumpers to the appropriate age group. Then qualified trainers assess the potential of a given person and teach it to the technician. 

Practicing ski jumping is associated with large expenses, even of several thousand zlotys. This is due to the necessity of having the right equipment, which has to be replaced from time to time. Shoes, overalls or skis should be of good quality. Young players are initially equipped with a club where they practice. 

The perfect player 

People who want to try their hand at this sport discipline, above all, should be able to ski. During the classes, they will learn how to land, fall, how to stand out from the threshold on the hill, etc. The instructors look closely at the new student and assess his options. Among the most important predispositions for professional ski jumping, you can even mention flexibility, jumping, agility. Equally important features are discipline and patience, endurance, endurance. 

Jumping and health 

Sport is health. It can not be denied. However, you can name such sports that may adversely affect the human body, especially the more sensitive one. This can be with skijumping. Players are subjected to enormous pressure. It applies to maintain the right weight. It’s enough to look at the players to see that their diet is very modest. Keeping the perfect, thin (sometimes emaciated) figure is necessary for the jumper to show good jumps. 

The pressure to maintain the perfect figure of many jumpers has already led to anorexia or depression. Therefore, people who link their future with this sport (especially children) should think about the decision well. 


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