The fight with extra fat tissue consisting in the introduction of nutritional restrictions very often negatively affects the well-being and psychological form. Many people, however, try to ignore mood discounts by considering them unavoidable when using slimming diets. Meanwhile, being on a diet does not have to feel bad – on the contrary, the introduction of healthy eating habits should be associated with a significant improvement in mental health. 


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Accompanying psychological ailments associated with deterioration of humor or worse – sadness and a decrease in self-esteem can be dangerous for many reasons.

First of all, these symptoms indicate that the diet is incorrectly balanced, which reduces the likelihood of achieving satisfactory results and negatively affects health, secondly – they have a negative impact on interpersonal relationships, conducive conflicts and even – depression. If, therefore, we are implementing steps to reduce body fat, and at the same time we feel serious, negative changes in well-being, we should take into account the fact that we have made a mistake. Continuing the adopted strategy may have serious consequences – this fact should not be underestimated under any circumstances. 

Below I will present the most common causes of permanent deterioration of mental condition in the context of plans aimed at reducing body fat. 

It is no wonder that eating only with lettuce leaves and skimmed natural yoghurt pushes people into a pessimistic mood. Starvation triggers natural compensatory mechanisms, and the fight with them leads to frustration and the breakdown of dietary assumptions in the form of binging with sweets. If we want a permanent loss of body fat, we should first estimate our caloric demand and then set a reasonable energy deficit. A well-ordered and balanced menu, based on low-processed foods, does not allow for a severe feeling of hunger.

Too low consumption of foods of plant origin is usually associated with deficiencies of health-relevant compounds, such as minerals, vitamins or non-nutritive substances exerting a desired physiological effect in the form of even – improving mood. The fact that the fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on the well-being of scientists have been known for a long time, so all the more we should remember about their regular consumption. It is best to reach for fresh, seasonal products, remembering, however, that some of them may contain large amounts of sugars (starchy vegetables, fruits such as grapes and bananas), and sometimes also a certain amount of protein (legumes) and fat (legumes, avocados) that simply should be included in the daily balance sheet 


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