Many people struggling with overweight and obesity want to permanently get rid of fatty tissue from the abdomen and other parts of the body. Effective ways to lose weight are primarily changes in eating habits. From this you really should start slimming. 

The use of different diets guaranteeing a quick loss of unnecessary kilograms may be effective, but will not be permanent. A quick weight loss may cause a slower metabolism, and then achieving the goals set will be very difficult. 


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1. Slimming – changing eating habits the best way 

Changing eating habits should start with the introduction of regular meals in the amount of 4-5 daily every 3-4 hours. Breakfast is a very important meal, it raises the metabolism from night sleep. Good breakfast gives you energy for the whole morning, and in the first half of the day the body works at a higher speed because we are more active. That is why it is also important to eat a second breakfast and a decent dinner. Meals eaten in the afternoon should be smaller. 

High tea in the form of snacks and a light supper for a minimum of 3 hours before bedtime. The second important habit worth making is drinking the right amount of fluids. During the day you should drink about 1.5-2 l of liquids. 

The amount depends of course on atmospheric conditions, weight and physical activity, but it is important that these 1.5 liters a day are included. Coffee and black tea are not included in the balance, while water, herbs, green and red tea are, of course. Drink slowly, with small sips, it is a good solution to rehydrate the body. 

2. Tricks that will help you lose weight 

To lose weight, you can also fool your body a little. Some time before a meal, you can drink a glass of fizzy water, which will stretch the stomach wall and give a signal to the brain that we are satisfied. Eating some walnuts before meals will cause the fats contained in them to slow down the digestion, so that the feeling of satiety after a meal will last longer, while the sugar delivered to the body will absorb more slowly, so there will be no sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. 

Avoid eating sweets between meals on an empty stomach, because then the sugars are rapidly absorbed into the blood, which raises the insulin level, and then leads to putting away the excess in the form of adipose tissue. If you can not give up eating sweets, eat them after a meal. Fiber and protein will slow the absorption of sugar. Dishes with garlic or parsley give the impression of satiety after a meal. In addition, natka has a diuretic effect, so it will facilitate the removal of water accumulated in the tissues. 

Wheat bran, which can be sprinkled with greasy, can also be helpful and sweet dishes. Their presence, due to the content of fiber, will inhibit the absorption of fats and sugars. By following this advice, you should also remember to drink water between meals, because fiber absorbs a lot of it. Well-proven ways to lose weight are also small details, which change is not expensive and will help a lot. 

Turn large plates into small ones, you will not have the sense of reducing the portion, and you will minimize the amount of calories you take. Slower food will let you know the actual moment of satiety, because the signal from the stomach to the satiety center in the hypothalamus reaches 20-30 minutes. Finish the meal before you feel full. Turn a low, wide glass into tall and narrow. This will prevent you from filling it up to the brim. If you drink only water, you do not have to do it. 

Limit the consumption of sweet, colorful, carbonated drinks or even juices. Do not eat in front of the TV, because you can miss the moment when you are full. Do shopping only with a full stomach, it will be healthy not only for you, but also your wallet. 

3. Slimming at home, or changes in the kitchen 

By controlling what we eat, we have the opportunity to avoid eating many unnecessary calories. When drinking coffee, it is best to avoid condensed milk. Pay attention to the fat in the meat and remove it, if it is visible, do the same with the poultry skin. 

Choose lean meats, avoid pates, sausages, salami, country sausages, hams and bacon. Use yogurt instead of cream, give up with mayonnaise or make it up with yoghurt, full-fat cheese substitute with thin ones, add salads to olive oil with vinegar instead of fatty sauces, eat fruit instead of sweets. Buying pots that will promote a light diet will also help reduce calories. While preparing meals, cook, bake in a foil, grill, dine. 

Give up frying. Joining all these rules of physical activity will give a guaranteed effect. As you can see, the proposed changes in nutrition are not drastic. They can bring good results, which also give a radical diet, with the difference that applying to them permanently, there will be no yo-yo effect. 

It is safe to say that these are the most effective methods of weight loss! 


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