Winter certainly is not associated with slimming. We are eager to do it in spring, when the specter of appearing on the beach in a swimsuit is coming. Autumn and winter chill more encourage you to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and spend the evening on the couch. For many people it is even a period when unwanted kilograms appear at an alarming rate. How to slim down in winter?

Remember about physical activity

Although winter does not encourage physical activity, you can not forget about it. It is the lack of movement that is one of the main causes of winter weight gain. In the winter, we are reluctant to go for walks, do not travel so often and give up other activities, such as cycling or trips to the lake. It all makes us burn in the winter much less calories than in other seasons. Unfortunately, the most common is not the reduction in calorie intake in the diet.
The basis for slimming in the winter will therefore be to take care of a large dose of movement. Perfect for this are long walks, trips to the forest or hiking along the tourist trails, not only those in the mountains. In addition, choose these small activities instead of the elevator, a short walk instead of the car, a weekend out of town instead of watching serials, etc. You can not forget about classic workouts at the gym, which, like summer, works great in building a great figure.

Try winter sports

In winter, it is also worth trying winter sports, which will not only support slimming, but will also give a lot of fun. If you have the option, try skiing or snowboarding. Within an hour you can burn up to 400-600 kcal, which is the equivalent of the average meal. However, much more available sport is ice skating – you can find ice rinks in almost every city. Nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the advantages of running, also called jogging, in the winter. Winter running is a great test of character. Remember, however, about safety and avoid icy surfaces!
If you do not like outdoor activities or in your area, because of the smog, it is not too fresh, try sports in closed rooms. Speech not only about classic gym and fitness, but also, for example, climbing wall, swimming pool, squash or yoga. Regular physical activity is an extremely important factor in bodybuilding. It allows not only to lose weight, but also to strengthen and carve muscles or tone the skin. It’s as important as shedding unnecessary fat.

Eat warm food


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Why do we eat lots of food in the winter? The reason is the natural defensive reaction of the body, which is protected from the cold. The large supply of calories has a warming effect, and also allows you to create fat tissue that additionally warms sensitive internal organs. This is why in the past, fattening with fat was simply an advantage, and grandmothers fed their grandchildren with redoubled strength.
So how do you deal with the constant feeling of cold without binging with calories or getting fat? A great idea is to eat hot meals and not only dinners, but also breakfast and dinner. Warm milk porridge is not only healthy and nutritious, but also warms up the body pleasantly, preparing them for winter frosts. Hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, will work just as well. What is interesting, however, it is not worth heating the rooms in the house. On the contrary, this delicate chill in the home is much healthier and helps to create so-called healthy fat, or brown adipose tissue.

Watch out for holiday

It can not be concealed that nothing makes a brick like winter for Christmas like a holiday period. That’s when we eat countless quantities of food that we do not really need. Limiting calories in Christmas is difficult but not impossible. How to do it? First of all, choose small portions, prepare healthier substitutes for dishes and give up empty calories, ie sweets, sweet drinks or alcohol. If you want to know how not to put on weight on Christmas, read our article on this topic.

Do not over do it with a restrictive diet

Slimming diet requires many sacrifices, however, during the winter one should take special care and not overdo it with restriction. Too big a caloric deficit can make the body too weak, which leads to worse mood, headache, bacterial infections, fainting or chronic coldness. These symptoms can be not only unpleasant but also dangerous. Let the body prepare for winter frosts and set a small calorific deficit of 200-300 kcal. It’s enough to lose weight, and it will not destructively affect your health. It is worth adding that the frost itself is also your ally and in itself influences the acceleration of metabolism. After all, the body has to use energy to warm up.


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Take care of immunity

Finally, we will remind you to pay close attention to strengthening immunity during reduction. Its basis is a balanced diet, full of vitamins and minerals, so enter a large amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Take advantage of home-made ways to strengthen immunity, using, among others, ginger, garlic or silage. Prophylactically, you can also take advantage of dietary supplements, providing an easily available source of vitamins and mineral salts. An interesting way to strengthen immunity is also … seafaring! Baths in icy water are a great idea for hardening for the whole autumn-winter period. Remember, however, to do it under the supervision of experienced people and warm up well before entering the water. Do not over do it at the beginning with the bathing length – 2-3 minutes are enough.
Losing weight during the winter does not need to be scared. Doing so wisely and wisely will not allow you to weaken the body. On the contrary, regular training and an active lifestyle can even reveal new energy in you, which you will use in the fight against cold. In the spring you will be starting from pole position in the race for a perfect beach figure. It’s worth using.

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